Wednesday, April 13, 2005

little things

Work is busy enough for two people. This is positive - I like what I do, and I like getting paid. I feel good buzzing around even if it'll be twelve straight days before I take a whole one off. That pretty much sums up freelancing. Part of my cheerful buzz (aside from the coffee) is the little things.

Witness these supermarket cheapies,
sunfl they've stayed alive for 2 weeks - and, notice whats going on? That's sun coming in on them. Spring light!
Then, I discovered bloglines. Yeah, I know I should have known about it already. I no longer need to randomly click on blogs, just to end up to re-reading old posts.

Next, there's this almost complete, mostly seamed Cardi. It is designed so nicely that even though I generally suck at finishing neatly, and even though I'm sewing on this after 11 pm or around 6 am (not my optimum hours of operation), it is coming together beautifully.seam These are the arm/shoulder seams, with some sleeve flopped in. And there's the friendly folks at zipperstop, who have sent my way a custom length, burnt orange zipper that opens on both ends, for a very reasonable price, to sew into my satisyingly seamed sweater.

Lastly, this programming bauble. I mean, how poetic is this - thanks to my work, I have literally hundreds of photos online and in my computer but this is the one it selects for me.

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Ann said...

Aw, Gale, I'm so behind on blogreading. Love all those teddy bears despite the fact that we understand that you are NOT really a teddy bear person. Love that new yarn. And your finishing looks mighty sleek.

Your photographs really are amazing. I totally envy your ability.