Wednesday, February 01, 2012

a psa or three

 It's just about the 1st Saturday in February again. 
which as you know has 3 simple rules: 1) eat ice cream 2) for breakfast 3) before noon on the 1st Saturday in Feb. We'll have a spread simliar past years, like this or this. You? 

And, as long as I am being helpful, can I warn you against googling "cute booties"? I had something like these not those in mind, thankyouverymuch.
Needles: US 3 
Yarn: Cascade 220, a little Plymouth Worsted Merino in white and some deliscious white angora for the trim
Notes: A quickie knit if you aren't having a lot of distractions going on like...a super cute newborn baby in the house.  Which, I think, explains why the stripes are placed differently and the variance wasn't noticed till they were blocking. Whatev! You think a 10 day old will care? Or her sleepy parents will notice?
These are V.2. Thanks to bad row gauge, the first pair came out too long. I modified the pattern: the bottoms are only 20 rows long, and the cuffs only 28 stitches. I picked up 10 instead of 15 stitches along the sides when switching from flat to circular. (it'll make sensewhen you're in the pattern).
So we're set for 1 year old foot coverage, too.
oh, one more warning: definitely don't google "BigAss Granny " . Because I didn't get my own blog with my very large granny square in progress. Nuh uh, I got an eyeful.
(You're welcome.)


Carole Knits said...

Thanks for the Ice Cream Day reminder! Maybe this year I will actually do this. Cute booties and it's good to be prepared in advance.

twinsetellen said...

Wilson and I are ready for Saturday. Those booties look cozy, but I doubt they will protect against freeze eye.

cauchy09 said...

Ha! Thanks for the warning on the bigass grannies. Oy.

Jan (jcoop on ravelry&twitter) said...

poo thanks for those psas. A local friend's son & dil just had a baby so I might have made the same mistake! Also, so glad to be reminded of International Ice Cream for Breakfast day! That may be my favorite holiday ever! So enjoying your pix of the new babe on fb too!

krayolakris said...

OOOO thanks for the reminder!! I'll be all set for Saturday now. Love the 'real' booties!

Unknown said...

Is that Maple Cremee sign in South Hero?

gayle said...

Whoa, IICBD again already? Where does the time go?
Thanks for the warnings. I can see the peril in bigass grannies, but cute booties seemed harmless enough.
Knitters need to take back the bootie!

Susan in Katonah said...

Whatever you do, don't google 'Strawberry Booties'.

craftivore said...

Rats, I already ate my pancakes. I love your funny posts on your misadventures in knitting and the web.

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