Monday, February 13, 2012

in the pink

I used to love the color pink. Powder pink, dusty pink, rose. I stopped wearing it when I was a newspaper photojournalist stringing for the NY Times & news mags. I  found I was patronized when I wore the girly colors. Sad, but true. I simply got out of the pink habit.
when oh when will I stop this silly addiction to gimmicky photo apps? when??? 
project: Bunny Blanket Buddy
pattern: a mash up of several but mostly this one from Lion Brand
yarn: less than one skein of MinnowMerino
needles: us7 for the "body" and ears, us4 for the head
notes: as usual, I didn't read through the pattern until I was working on that head. I wondered about the choice of stitch pattern....and then realized what the what? I am DOUBLE KNITTING! I do not know why I have avoided it all my life, I thought it sounded confusing and super tedious. It is neither. It is a fabulous way to create a head to be stuffed.
Also, love this yarn. Super lofty, superwash. 
(no shortage of sweet pink around here now)
I'm setting up a pretty brisk schedule of talks and teaching. Can't wait!
Listing of those so far confirmed are all at the Photo for Knitters page .
First up, not too far from home:
Sunday Feb 19th 2 pm a slide talk & booksigning about Craft Activism :  Celebrating Handmade at the Scranton Library in Madison CT. I'll have books for sale. Bring your knitting or crafting. You know about idle hands and the devil, right?

Friday March 2 , Photography Bootcamp for Bloggers & Etsians (and those who aspire to be) , a hands on digital photography workshop at the  fabulous Pretty Funny Vintage in Tarrytown NY. Turn us loose in restored victorian house full of vintage, handcrafted and collectible treasures, cameras in our paws? No prob! Register now, space limited. Going to be big fun.


Carole Knits said...

I want to bury my nose in her neck and just breath in her sweetness. Oh my.

gayle said...

And pink is so her color.

Anonymous said...

Love her.

Bunny cute too.

But love her.


Cookie said...

Should Aunt Kay come to visit, check her pockets for a baby before you let her out of the house please. ;^)

So cute! Lovely baby, too.


penny said...

isn't it a fun pattern? it slyly gets you to both double knit and (if my memory is good) do a few short rows! ;)

many blessings for all!

Mary Lou said...

Now you can get into the all pink, all the time! My nephew in law says he likes anything the baby has that isn't pink, because he is so sick of it. She looks soooo sweet.

Kristin Nicholas said...

another photo thing to learn? will check it out. looks cool.

craftivore said...

Aww, sweetness. So nice. I tried double knitting once but I don't think laceweight mohair is the way to go. Maybe I'll have to try it again.

twinsetellen said...

What other color is possible when lips are such sweet rosebuds?

Bunnies always look good in pink, too.