Friday, August 14, 2009

in which we recall the Rule of Similars

IF you are working on two projects, both being knit flat on size 6us 32" circular needles,
AND each is around 200 stitches across per row
AND each has a few stitch border (in once case garter, in the other, seed stitch) followed by that very long row across
BUT one has every other row as YO Slip 1, K2 together PSSO , K3 repeat across row
AND the other has every fourth row (or so) as YO, K2 together, repeat across row
THEN you will inevitably pick up one project but go on auto pilot and knit the other's YO row sequence.

AND you will do this more than once.
• • • • • • • • •
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HPNY Knits said...

gorgeous colors!!!!

Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahahaha! Well, it's OK if the Gaia has a few more holes than usual. The asparagus sweater, I'm not so sure. Both are excellent projects! I've queued both too!

WingedStrategos said...

I'm always afraid I'm going to do something like that so I keep a variety of very different projects going.

Hope that didn't take too long to fix.

Sara G-L said...

Oh, my! Sounds like something that could easily happen to me - I am forewarned - thank you!

livnletlrn said...

heh heh...such is life. Lovin' that Gaia.

Diane said...

whoops. Gotta go look up the Gaia, the colors are striking.

Mary Lou said...

So do we need homeopathy for knitting?

Hey if you need testimonials for the upcoming class marketing, let me know, I'll round some up.

Turtle said...

love love love those colors!!

Cathy R said...

Ummm... is it something that you can call a "design feature"?

I have that problem when working on more than one lace project at a time... I get confused on some of the chart symbols...

Annie said...

That's how you make the design uniquely yours!

twinsetellen said...

Chuckle - of familiarity.