Sunday, August 09, 2009

some class in mass!

She Shoots Sheep Shots
Photography for Knitters Workshop Afternoon

Sunday September 13th in Carver Massachusetts
workshop: 1:30-5 pm
preceded by potluck lunch (optional) : 12:30-1:30 pm

click here for all the details & to sign up
edited 9/14/09 : Thanks to everyone who came, it was a wonderful group. I'm already seeing some kickass photos posted ! More dates being scheduled, but if you'd like to have a workshop in your area
shoot me an email galeATgzuckerDOTcom

handpainted handspun alpaca yarn at Victory Ranch,New Mexico
A hands-on digital photography workshop for anyone wishing to improve their images of fiber related projects, and the world around them, and for making the photos look as wonderful as possible on a website or blog.

If you're just stopping by, hi there: Gale Zucker here. I'm a professional photographer and serious knitter. Sometimes I combine the two, when I photograph knitting books or for craft magazines. Getting great images, and then making them look terrific online, can be a challenge, right? The workshops are a chance to share my two passions and pass on some skills.

Point & shoot digital cameras welcome, I always say it's not the camera, it's what you do with it that counts.

The lunch first is just for fun, optional if you can't make it, but a good addition to the day, don't you think?
Here are links to reports, with photos of course, from knitters who attended a shorter version of the workshop in Minnesota last month.
the flapotis scarf, from Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines
: real knits on real people we nabbed to model
Icelandic lamb at Misty Meadow in Minnesota
I'm hoping to teach more workshops in coming months. It's fun, and there's so much to talk about and show. Come learn to make your photos phabbier and your pixels perkier. And your knits'll look...nattier? ( I'll work on that one.)
Thanks to Carole for helping to set this up.


Mandy said...

Sounds so fun! I would love to take one of your workshops.

Cristina said...

I WISH! YOU put the class in Mass, lady. Good wishes, Cristina

p2sso said...

I think these photography workshops are a great idea. I'd sign up for one in a heart beat if you were within driving distance. Would a point and shoot photographer be able to use your ideas as well?


Turtle said...

how nice! too bad you are so far away!

Anonymous said...

Oh man! I really wanted to go but I'm doing a cancer walk on the 13th. Have another one so that I can go. :)

Sunflowerfairy said...

Sigh. This sounds like so much fun. But I think leaving the state 9 days before my due date might be cutting it close, no?


Kay said...

Real knits on real *BEAUTIFUL* people, yah!

"Hello! My name is Kay! I am a harmless middle-aged woman! You are/your baby is/your pet is gorgeous! Wanna model a handknit?"

---that's my Model Recruitment Tip. For free!

People: even if you spend 8 days watching Gale shoot, her ways and her many Rube Goldberg contraptions will remain totally mysterious to you! To get the secrets, you must attend a workshop!

xoxoxox Kay

Christine said...

Any hope of your coming to KC area? I bet that class would fill FAST! Let me know if I need to start twisting arms of LYS owners to host it. I'm dying to come to one of your classes!

tess said...

Kniftier ...

Anonymous said...

Are you EVER gonna do one in CT? You know, the state where you actually live in!? ;)

Will totally take it when that day comes... These days I move much slower and travel much less... Not to say that will go back to normal after October, but you never know.

Cookie said...

You really should hire Kay to do your PR for you.

I live on the wrong coast. I'll be over here being bitter if you need me.