Sunday, August 30, 2009

fish I around

Last heard from, I was clinging with a death grip to a steel ladder welded to the back of a fast food building scampering up to the roof of a Sonic - who says photography isn't a glamorous career ? And my Gaia shawl was getting a picot cast-off.
In the mix, I had the use of a fisheye lens for a couple of days. Fisheyes are gimmicky; they are the eyelash yarn of photography . Every once in a while, fun to play with. Before I handed it back, I turned it on Farley, who passes by at 7 every morning.
And on the battle of man v. nature at my mechanic's shop.
Sidenote: when you drive a 20 year old car, you know your mechanic and his yard decor pretty well. He's got a steampunk vibe going on.
And on late summer chaos out front.
The Gaia shawl is finished, on a slow dry over this wet chilly weekend. You can see from the fisheye shots that I ignored days of brilliant sun & dry breezes, giving it a dunk n' block as a storm moved in Friday. & tell next time, I'll spare you the vision of a damp striped shawl pinned out on a bright patterned beach towel, draped over a floral sofa.


Mary Lou said...

Cool. The eyelash yarn of photography - snort.

I walk by my mechanics almost every day, he and his wife know lots about us! My philosophy is always find a mechanic that's downhill from your house.

I'm super ecstatic today because I finally fixed my internet connectivity problem. I moved the router. Duh.

Bullwinkle said...

Mary Lou has a great philosophy.

Its great to see we have similar blocking methods ;) My advanced techniques involve kittens.

"eyelash yarn of photography" - great line.

Ellen Bloom said...

Glad you survived the roof of Sonic!

My photoman hub had a job photographing this musician who only wanted him to use a fisheye lens! Oy! Those were some strange photos!

woolanthropy said...

Love your fish eye view.

That Mary Lou is funny.

Cathy R said...

LOVE basset hounds.

twinsetellen said...

I plan to incorporate the word "steampunk" into my daily vocabulary. Thanks for introducing it to me.

And I think I'm glad you weren't using the fisheye on the rooftop - could have made for some bad eye-foot coordination.

Kay said...

Love the fisheyes!

And this post. Very Gale.

The shot of the striped shawl/striped towel/floral sofa, though? I want to see that--it sounds like a rockin' quilt.

xoxo Kay