Monday, August 03, 2009

* yes, you are one of Those People

...who have a knit blog with no knitting? Unh-uh, not me.
A Gaia Shoulder Hug was supposedly my vacation knitting in Minnesota. I barely touched it there. We were too busy doing fun Twin Cities stuff.
2009ipod120Visiting the Lake Calhoun, Tinfish, Uptown neighborhoodsVisiting the Lake Calhoun, Tinfish, Uptown neighborhoods
That bridge by the Walker Sculpture garden, the aviary at the zoo, the Mill City Museum Ruins......
I can't remember a vacation trip during which I knit less since my guys were toddlers. When I did knit, it was just the right project: engaging while placing the eyelet rows at color changes, and mindless in its stockinette-i-ness. Working on it yesterday at a neighborhood brunch, I incited my friend Peggy to run over to the LYS and start four of them for gifts right away.

Carol's porch by noon yesterday , iPhone cam view
She blames me, I blame the Mimosas and an exciting storm current while swimming.

0809famvar005The Sage Remedy Top , finished a while ago. My gauge relaxed seriously since swatching, I modified wildly on the fly, and it's not-so-flattering . If you are considering knitting it, avert your eyes, go look at all the successful versions on Ravelry . Worse than the fit : the shoulders. I seamed them inside out. I knew it wasn't going to be fab on me by then, so I left them that way. Sometimes I amaze myself with my low standards acceptance of All Things Awry.

Clinging to the very selvedges of the NaKniSweMoDo, I cast on for a 7th sweater. This is Jo Sharp SilkRoad Tweed DK, a yarn I've been wanting to knit with since spending an afternoon with Norma last November. You'll need to scroll down the linked post.

* this post's title was a fortune cookie the 15 yo son got while out on the town in Mpls. The older son's read : "You have that horny & desperate look. It suits you, work it. "2009ipod093 We've been teasing him ever since. Nice parents, huh?!
older son Iphone cam view, Uptown Mpls.


DonnaW said...

If I can find a shop to sponsor you for a class of photog will you come to Colorado Springs?

margene said...

Love the photos! Love the shawl and sweater, too!

gayle said...

After NaKniSweMoDo, maybe you can frog Sage Remedy and knit it a size or two smaller?
As always, love your photos!

Mary Lou said...

You ARE a mean mother. That is funny, no wonder teens are sulky. We are all going photo crazy around here. Check out Sarah's post with photos of her kids and my horse. Way cute.

Acceptance of all things awry can be a secret society. I'm a member, too. AAA??

Bullwinkle said...

Count one more over here. I keep telling myself that I don't need a Gaia Shoulder Hug but it looks like a fun easy knit. And I'd use it much more than a stripey Noro scarf.

Bullwinkle said...

That means I have enough yarn for four of them. :)

Angie said...

Love the knitting! As usual, the photos are wonderful, especially the porch iphone view.

Annie said...

I love the colors on Carol's porch!

twinsetellen said...

The colors on Carol's porch are wonderful, but that is hands down the best photo I've ever seen of the Mill City Museum.

Say - what restaurant was giving such awesome fortunes? I need to give it a try!

Cathy R said...

Love your new project!!! Sounds like you had fun on your trip.