Tuesday, December 30, 2008

two mo fo

More of the gifts.
I never showed the blocked finished version of this one.
pattern: Aibhlinn
yarn: Brooks Farm Solana- 1 skein= 320 luscious superwash yards . The link is to Red Rover, which is close to the color I used, mine was an orphan skein.
needles: US8
Notes: Based on my last knit of this, ,and the many many views of it on Ravelry, I cast on 89 stitches, and got the size I wanted. It's about 24" wide and 19" long, with pulling it over the hair as a hood in mind.
Still, btw, loving the bobbles.

Back in August I mentioned my nephew requesting a tam. He has, as you can see if you click on that link, prodigious head/hair dimensions. I've been queuing spacious tam patterns like mad ever since. When the time came to finally cast on, I had a skein of the same yarn this pattern was shown in, so , there ya go, low risk tamming.
pattern: Bounce
yarn: Andys Merino , maybe 120ish yards? I used part of the skein here, and wondered what to do with the rest ever since. This is a pattern for the wildly variegateds amongst us.
needles: I went up to US 11 to make sure it'd be, um, large enough. A case of getting what I wished for, definitely.
It is so spacious I can't show it to you on anyone around here, it looks absurd. Each person who tried to model it, and knows the nephew personally, said, yah, he's got a huge head , this'll work.

But about the knit itself? Its a sort of fake brioche stitch that I didn't think I'd enjoy knitting, yet I did. Fabulously. I wish this style looked good on me so I could knit another, that's my testimony. I had the idea I'd model this one for you, makeup & everything , a glam photo like this, or this, to suit the fashion of it all. eek. I looked more Dumb Donald than Vogue. Probably all for the best - I don't think I can handle the lipstick to truly pull it off!


Cookie said...


Nothing wrong with a big head. Gives us extra brains or something. ;^)


Ellen Bloom said...

The bobbilicious cowl is faboo.

I made a large tam recently. I dubbed it the "Giganti-Tam"
The multi tam is great! Naturally, your photos are better than anyone else's on Ravelry!!!!!

Elaine said...

Wow - they look great.

gayle said...

Love the colors in that tam!
But bobbles still give me the colly-wobbles...

Mary Lou said...

I hope we get to see the tam stuffed with the hair! Best wishes for a great 2009, and may we work together on a project!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the colors in the Tam. Can't wait to see a modeled shot. By someone. :-)