Friday, January 12, 2007

on personal style

The Mistake Rib Skein Scarf
Because *K2P2* repeat to last stitch, K1
is so much less boring than a K2P2 simple rib.

Repeat this row until you run out of the skein, then join a new skein that is similar but not the same.

Because it is much too hard for me to select three skeins of matching yarn, even when I'm trying to.

Yarn: Hopyards Spinnery Yarn by Bessie hand dyed merino, worsted weight
I started with the last 1/3 of a started skein, used all of a second, ending with a bit of a third. Even the long stretch in the middle of one skein shifted colors enough that this is all over the place.
You'd think it'd bother me to wear this , all mismatched. But no, I like it. So much so that when I needed to be All Put Together for a job on Friday, I thought it'd be just the touch I needed.

When I popped into the prestigious corporate restroom on location to check my All-Put-Togetherness, my eyes traveled downward. Scarf? looking fine. Lush, handmade,wintery, no problem. It sits on my charcoal wool jacket and olive green sweater. OK. Presentable. I look a little lower. uhhh. Seems when I got dressed at Dark O'clock AM, the dressy charcoal pants I thought I'd put on were actually an old pair of black pants with a worn knee. wah-wah. Funny how one can slide from reasonably confident to wishing one could hide behind a counter in a sweep of the eyeballs.

As for the scarf's range of colors making me happy ? Another case of local color.


kathy in juneau said...

I'll bet no one even noticed your worn knee because they couldn't take their eyes off your wonderful scarf. Very clever, that.

I love it. Great colors.

Punkin said...

Your scarf is wonderful! You see, I would TRY to do that on PURPOSE. It is kind of a serendipity.

HPNY Knits said...

it looks great in all those colors. it looks even better on, I am sure, wrapped around the neck. these are addictive!

Wendy DG said...

That scarf is spectacular... inspirational actually. Great choice of mismatched colors. I love it. No worry about your pants. They were too busy admiring your scarf.

nona said...

I think the mismatch of the yarn makes this an unusally beautiful scarf. Hopefully everyone was admiring your scarf so much that your worn knees went unnoticed!

Wool Winder said...

I think everyone is going to want to duplicate this scarf. You may have just started something here.

mary lou said...

Glad to hear that I am not the only one to do such things. But the scarf is way cute. And I really like the local color pics.

Kay said...

The tragedy of Reduced Pants Awareness! Scarf is nice and why wouldn't a photographer have busted-out knees, anyway? Probably added to your street cred.

Hollyeqq said...

Love the scarf - I knew it would turn out fabulous!
The other pics are amazing as well, gives me inspiration.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

hi gale! scarf- and photos - are lovely. wanna come North & help me set up my shots??? --kelli ann