Saturday, January 06, 2007

results may vary

Come back with me to late November. It's a misty moisty morning. I head over the river and through the woods to a sale at the Hopyards Spinnery. Understand, there is no store here normally, the sales are irregular. You get an email, you go if you can. You get to wander in the field and small barn garage, where Carol has placed a couple hundred rubber bins of her gorgeous yarn. You come to pay Prix Frixe for all you can shove in a shopping bag. The catch is having enough time to look and having some focus. On this particular morning I believe I have both.
Seeing as it is both misty and moisty, Carol asks us to keep the lids on her bins after we've peeked at the contents. The bins are not grouped in any strict order, so you might find three bins of worsted weight merino solids organized by hue followed by a bin of all different colors thick and thin, followed by a few bins of bulky variegates , and then a bin that has a little of everything in it. You know that card game Memory , when you lay the deck out face down and each player flips over two cards in search of pairs, and everyone tries hard to remember which cards are where ? Yeah. Like that. Its also kind of festive, I pair up with a woman who is wearing a Lizard Ridge scarf (great idea, no?) and we shout out to each other across the bins if we spy certain yarns we are each seeking.

All of this to explain how, when a phone call caught me with a partially filled bag and the need to leave pronto, I grabbed what I thought were three of the same variegated skeins I'd been trying to resist.

So, here I am, one skein into my new scarf . I realize upon stopping to wind the next skein that my triplets are not even fraternal, but cousins.
newskeinTwo are maybe first cousins who shared a dip into the same gene pool dye bath. The third is a cousin twice removed. I'm knitting on anyway but why do I never learn?


BeccaU said...

I like your photo of the bins - I was at the sale on Saturday - maybe we crossed paths :^) Good luck with your scarf!

hollyeqq said...

Did you have to go to a 2 step meeting to recover from this shopping? It looks like a little slice of heaven and anything that good, can't be good for you!
How fun.
I love the yarn. I say slap the extended cousin smack in the middle of the two skeins and make like you intended it all along.
Gives it personality anyway. Who wants a total matchy matchy scarf anyway!
Take care

Mary Lou said...

That looks like a great sale. Oh well, at least it's yarn. I did something like that tiling my bathroom floor with boxes of 'bargain' tiles. The second box had two white tiles on the top, the rest were a very ugly brown. What they don't show you on This Old House, the homeowner in tears at midnight, scraping tiles and mortar off the floor. That lesson I have not yet learned for yarn, however.