Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the cobbler's neck

I became startling aware of a personal lack of scarf last week. How can that be? I am a practicing scarf evangelist. Ask my friends, my relatives and even the stray passerby who comments on my knitting. Invariably the conversation gets around to me urging them to knit a scarf. If not for themselves, than for a good cause. Not only that, its rare to find me, except mid-summer, without a shmatte around my neck. (you'll need to scroll down on the link if you seek the definition but you may pick up some colorful phrases for the new year enroute).

I accidentally left an old favorite scarf at our tenant's place next door, while sticking my head up their fireplace trying to solve a chimney problem. When they returned the scarf in a ziplock bag a few days later, it looked particularly sad and specimen-like. This prompted a good hard look at the full selection of What I Wrap Around My Collar and, well, it's all a bit scraggly.

I had assorted half skeins left from the gift knitting, which bugs me. I don't like having lots of purposeless un-knit yarn around, especially if it's fiber I like. I am sort of the Anti-Stash.

So for the new year, I made myself a little leftovers scarf, shorter and chunkier than the one I made for the Red Scarf Project. I used up every bit left of three yarns. It was pleasing. Until I tried it on.
I realized this particular red looks bad next to my winter shade of skin, and, truth told, its all too primary colored for me. Another one for the Red Scarf Project, where I hope it'll find its way to a bright-loving college student.

As for me, I may cast on a simple mistake rib scarf with some of this. varigateI used a skein of it for a gift hat and wasn't crazy about it but I have a couple skeins left taunting me here and a long commute via train to a shoot tomorrow.

2007 is the year to say yes, I'll give it a try.
Today's yes- check it out for yourself over at YarnAGoGo


Carole said...

Of course you deserve a new scarf. Go for it.

kt said...

Ooh, I bet that would look particularly nice in that uber simple scarf pattern Le Harlot showed a while back....

Scoutj said...

I'm glad you're doing the 100 miles! And you reminded me that I need to mail my scarf.ACK!

Wendy DG said...

I really like the look of those "sideways" scarf. I think your colors look fabulous. You should absolutely have a scarf to call your own.