Sunday, January 28, 2007

red scarf road trip report

If you thought the red scarves were beautiful last year, you should see this year's.
And if you think it's "nice" to knit for the Red Scarf Project, well, nice doesn't begin to cover it. Go read Norma's post about the students. Ok you've probably already been there. Read on!

This sneak peek is from a most excellent road trip to frigid southern New Hampshire to meet up with Norma and some lovely OFA students,GZUCKER010707_215 who gave their afternoon to pose for PR photos for the Red Scarf project.

I'm not sure I can capture in words how moving it is to meet the OFA students and learn how truly touched they are to receive the care packages. Something so easy for us is so big to them. As in , makes a difference in their lives. The heartfelt and unsolicited comments they made while looking through the scarves, that people cared enough to knit for them, and the handwritten notes, and the receiving of a personal gifts when they get NO packages at all from "home"....well,let's say there were some moments where you need to blink back those eyes.

Not that we didn't get in some laughs. We had our Fearless Boy Reporter stop in from the New Hampshire newspaper

And had a general all around good time, reenacting - or maybe I should say pre-enacting- the receiving of Valentines Day packages, and posing for gazillion photos to help spread the word about the Orphan Foundation and its students.

It was zero F (for freakin') degrees out and we could still look this glad to be there. GZUCKER010707_272
If you knit a Red Scarf , you were there too. Be proud.

ps. The Orphan Foundation also has an virtual mentoring program that the students raved about. Students and volunteers are matched up by interest and career goals, and your experience. They keep in touch over the year for support, exactly what they don't have after they've aged out of foster care. Or maybe never had at all, from what we heard. So simple and so meaningful. If you are interested check it out on the OFA site.


Carole Knits said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for making me feel like I was there.

Scoutj said...

Oh Gale. That picture at the top brings tears to my eyes....can I post that picture please in my blog today? It just captures what this whole project is all about. Doesn't it? It makes me miss my mom.

Anonymous said...

Gale those photos and the story are wonderful. I'm a little teary-eyed myself. Thanks so much.

shobhana said...

how wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos, Gale. You and Norma are so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Gale, thank you so much for sharing those wonderful photos with us. It's so nice to see our work going to the people who we knit for.

Ya know, that photo of all the scarves would make a great header for the next RSP blog.

HPNY KNITS said...

thank you for sharing this!! I sent two scarves- and it is fantastic to see real people receive them!!!
it is a great program.

Anonymous said...

These are sooooo BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had read about this project sooner...I would love to participate NEXT YEAR....


Anonymous said...

You know, I didn't start reading about this project until Christmas, and by then thought I was too late to join in. I should have pushed. I will definitely do it next time and I look forward to it. Sounds like it is the right kind of thing for me.
I think that you probably touched more kids than if you taught school. It reached them on a deeper level that may not show itself until much later in life - that all these women who do not know them but have love for them supported them with a simple scarf - imagine the power the scarf has in their lives. Brings tears and I am not even touching it.
Absolutely Amazing.