Friday, November 14, 2008


It's the Lumpy Bumpy Worm scarf. Last seen here in its larval stage (at the end of the post). After you biologically clever types commented, mentioning organisms like worms with teeth, I was reminded of an aquarium exhibit of deep sea worms that live in geo thermal vents and..well, I really had to put it away for a couple of weeks. I wasn't so sure I was liking it, but as it grew, the weight of the yarn pulled the rows down , and it began to look interesting and textural instead of...I don't know, clotted up and organism-ish.
I'm over that now. It's very soft . I made it wider than the pattern suggested, so it used more than one skein, its a quick, fun knit , Lumpy Bumpy by Charlene on size 11 needles. I may put the leftovers together with a ball of solid Farm House Yarn that coordinates, and make my niece a chunky hat to go with it. This is, of course, the first of the holiday knitting.

My sister Lulu graciously agreed to model it for you all, she'd popped in to use my internet as hers was down. There is nothing like older sister pressure. "um, Lu? You can't leave here until you model a scarf. Yes. For the blog. Yes. Outside. Its not raining that hard".
Her observation: "Some scarves are big warm functional things that you tuck into your coat. And some are accessories. This.... is an accessory!".


kt said...

Oooh, it's very, very cool.

I like the evolution of it into a larger life form. Adaptation! Darwin was right!

Baby Beth said...

I love it. I loved it from the beginning.

Mary Lou said...

Bossy Big Sisters of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your worms.

twinsetellen said...

It goes from interesting to fantastic once wrapped twice around a neck. You may have sold me on this.

Cathy R said...

LOVE it love it love it. How very cool. I bet your niece will be thrilled!

You can sign the card "Worm Wishes"

Or not...

Archiknist said...

Maybe she would have felt better if she'd know the rain wouldn't show up in the pictures?