Monday, November 03, 2008

nana na na

Hey hey.
I considered NaMoPoBlo but it was already the 2nd day of the month at the time. Too late!
Then I thought about NaKniSweMo but the sweater I intend to knit this month was cast on while it was October, and anyway, my life is all about deadlines, do I need more?
Na. Definitely nahhhh.
1108GZUCKERgov_  085
I caught some major stockinette mojo yesterday anyway and now the back piece of my Imogen is close to done. It has an unusual construction- the row count is the width, the back wraps over your shoulders and becomes part of the sleeve tops, you pick them up and knit down. So, I have no idea if this'll fit correctly just looking at the section.
1108GZUCKERgov_  084
Yeah I swatched for gauge. Yeah, my gauge seems to have changed about as drastically as the yarn dyes do from skein to skein.
1108GZUCKERgov_  087
The challenge of working with crazily varying skeins of Araucania Nature Wool Chunky in colorway 109 was giving me fits until I decided to surrender to the green .If I wasn't lazy I'd go grab all of the skeins so you could see the range from fairly consistent yellowy light green skeins that are thick, to noticeably thinner yarn in skeins that range from pale yellow green to forest pine, to in the middle mossy/olivey/khaki green. I did some switching out every two rows to blend, which only made things stripier. I'm trying to keep it symmetrical from side to side of the garment. My whole reason to knit this sweater, beside the obvious that it looks cool, is to use the Araucania vertically, knowing I'll be unhappy with my , um, fluffy, appearance if it went horizontal.
Families and kids at Derby Public Library. a Community Foundation grantee, during he Harvest Festival
Enough about that. If you're a US citizen go vote!! I'm working at a polling place (you know those polling place officials you hear about? That's me) from 5 am to close. The busier, the better!


Mary Lou said...

Hey, me too, I just came online to check the weather. It's going to be a long and I hope happy day!!

Carole Knits said...

It will be a long day for the polling place workers. I hope everything goes smoothly where you are.

Cathy R said...

LOVE the green, can't wait to see the finished product.

Have fun at the polls. I dropped off my ballot last night at the very closing bell. The nice lady saw me running and stood waiting with her key in the lock to let me in. That was cool of her.

susan said...

I'm looking forward to your interview with Brenda!