Sunday, November 09, 2008

more knitting, less filler

Front & center: Imogen. I am so enjoying the basic stockinette production on this odd sweater.
Odd because it's almost impossible to photograph it in a way that shows a shape, it's sort of an origami type thing as you knit it in one piece, the sleeves wrapping over the shoulder attached to the back. I'm almost done with sleeve #2 now. I've had little time to truly sit & knit over the past few days so I sneak a row whenever I can, I'm just that into it.

For instance, Saturday am. You'd have found me sitting on a commercial fishing dock in New Bedford , Massachusetts, in the fog, finishing off the first sleeve, then picking out the provisional cast-on for the second , in the company of the Deadliest Catch/Ice Road Truckers film production crew. Not the knittiest gang to hang with.
NBC show Swords boat Eagle Eye II crew comes into port in Fairhaven MA
I was there on assignment for NBC to shoot some publicity photography for their newest real life/macho job series, Swords. We were literally waiting for our ship to come in. I had less than an hour before the action started but that just shows you my level of dedication to this cardigan, I can not put 'er down. Until large men in slicker overalls are jumping ship towards me.NBC show Swords boat Eagle Eye II crew comes into port in Fairhaven MA

NBC show Swords boat Eagle Eye II crew comes into port in Fairhaven MA
I love the ropes you find on commercial wharfs, like gigantic yarn except the plies are mondo sized.

Maybe I'll have Imogen done by next Saturday, when I'm up north for my Shear Spirit booksigning at The Knitting Studio in Montpelier VT. It's going to be a lovely afternoon, 1-3. My friend Norma said she'll be there. Her wonderful blog is part of my daily nutrition; if either she or the cereal are gone when I sit down each weekday at breakfast, watch out.

Stop by, check out the book and bring yer knitting. Or your ships' mooring lines. You know I'll be happy to see you either way.


Baby Beth said...

Heeeeello Mister Tattoo'd man! I'm so jealous you were snapping photos there. I love all those shows--the men are outta their minds!

Mary Lou said...

It must have been just like the shoots for MDKII, no? Love the tats.

twinsetellen said...

I never understand when folks moan about endless stockinette. If it is great yarn, it is pure indulgence. I'm glad you're enjoying yours!

Kay said...

LOL Mary Lou! I was just chiming in to make sure you asked those guys if they model knitwear, and got their contact info.

Ack! My security verification is "trawlstr". Too funny!

Carole Knits said...

You were in New Bedford? That's a half hour from me.

Cathy R said...

Granted, I read this blog fairly early in the morning; also granted, my caffeine has definately not kicked in yet.

However, I had the hardest time trying to figure out why you were sitting on the docks waiting to photograph for a new series about midieval blacksmithing (Swords).

Which is truly shameful because I worked in oceanography for 12 years and should know better...

Ann said...

Too funny, Mary Lou!

FABULOUS photos. I love all those TV series. So great. We called Deadliest Catch "the crab show." Can't wait to watch the "tuna show."

You can't say you don't get a variety of projects, Gale!

gayle said...

Wish I could come see Imogen in person! Norma alerted me to the Knitting Studio gig, but I have to work that day.
(my verification word is "propets" - my brain truly wants to make something out of that...)

Karen S said...

heh heh heh, I looove those men-in-overalls pictures! Really great!
Also good to have found your blog again... don't know how I lost it, but it sure is great to have found you again ;)

p2sso said...

Thanks for posting about Imogen! I've been looking for a sweater with a different construction to use with some hand dyed yarn that refuses to become anything else and this looks perfect. I've already bought the pattern but will wait to start mine until you finish yours and I get to see it in all its glory. So keep knitting!