Friday, December 07, 2007


Before I dive into some big visuals, a huge ferklempt thank you to everyone sending knits for The Tree of Warmth . Especially the New Haven SnB Homegirls like her, and her, and , if you're on Ravelry, her, who are coming through powerfully. Not to mention wow, with serious knitting talent. Must do a Tree of Warmth Show & Tell post before we set up the donation at the soup kitchen.
My co-conspirator in the Tree of Warmth project, Julie (she alas has neither blog nor website these days) offloaded a big honking bag of sturdy Newfoundland yarns to me a while back. She'd had them around for something like 20 years. They are woolly and strong and handsomely natural and as you can see, not so colorful. 18 months later, we scoured the local supermarkets for kool aid . My advice, don't expect a fabulous assortment of flavors in New England in winter.
The wet view: We mixed and added in some cake decorating coloring. Don't look to me for kool aid dyeing science. You should go to the new Knitty for that. (Impressive)

Dry view. We love them. Scarf underway and planning major mitten action

Love the overdyed orangey and grape solid (former) darker gray on the far right.

Speaking of leftovers? Here's what the munching horde resorted to Thanksgiving weekend.
Next year I'm giving everyone tiny flags with their names, so they can claim their food leftovers like teeny explorers on new mashed potato and gravy continents.


Sunflowerfairy said...

Haha. I wasn't expecting a link, so I'm clicking away....and I said "EEk! That's me!" outloud.

You are certainly welcome. I wish I could churn out more like some other people. (Why does Rebecca beat me at everything??)

Story- I once made cookies and wrote on one container "Not Dave's cookies" and the other "Dave's cookies". Unfortunately, it was in black, permenant marker.

Beautiful photos of the yarn. As always...

kathy in Juneau said...

LOVE the overdyed yarns .. and the gorgeous photos as always!

kt said...


I want foodclaimer/explorer flags, too!

And the yarn is TO DIE FOR. Gawd.
Stuff coming your way after my foray to the NW this weekend. I'll knit more en route! Huzzah!

Carole Knits said...

The dye job on those yarns is wonderful.

Mary Lou said...

I love the leftovers shots! And the yarn, of course. I bought a bunch of koolaid this summer in preparation for a Christmas crafting project with a young friend. Glad to see it works. If I can I'll send some mittens. We have a mitten tree at the Yarnery and one at work, so I'm adding to them first. There is inspiration today, as it is MINUS ONE.

Kay said...

I rarely, rarely like the Koolaid-dyed yarn. (There. I said it. Surely somebody is going to hunt me down and kill me.)

But this is why I am so amazed by the beautiful results you got. The key: start with gray! They are beautiful, grayed pastels. Love love love.

Poor grandpa! xo Kay PS Still not mittening yet. I can HAT, can't I? I'm better at hatting.

Knitty Gritty Thoughts said...

What gorgeous colors - I would have had no idea they were done with koolaid if you had not told me! =)

jennsquared said...

Newfondland as the dog???? I love those colors!!!! :) You should bring them to SnB tonight so we can all drool over it:)