Sunday, December 30, 2007


From my sister Marla
Gift of recycled yarn and knitting pin.
from the shop at one of our favorite places, the American Visonary Art Museum. That makes me love the yarnballs even more than for their twistedy colors with that hippie store smell. I may just keep them in a bowl on my desk and admire them for a while.Gift of recycled yarn and knitting pin.

I gave myself the gift of not even attempting to do those things I said I would this week, like cleaning my office, whupping that bookkeeping once and for all, and catching up with IOU photos . What have I done with that time? Movies! Along with traveling back & forth to DC, and some social gatherings, I've seen Once, Walk Hard, Juno, Waitress, Into the Wild , and that's just the start of the rundown . I'm Not There is on later today unless the snow starts flying too heavily. Half of the viewings , the ones I didn't list, reveal I hang with teenage boys and their preoccupations. Which boil down to ONE thing .

Most films were on DVD but a few at theaters. Juno was
here, a completely swoon-worthy setting for watching any movie. Maybe Superbad might have been Supergood if I'd seen it in that venue?

You'd think I'd have finished tons of knitting what with all the screen gazing. Not really.

And a very special gift,Gift of recycled yarn and knitting pin.
passed on from my mom. It belonged to my grandmother . She received it in the 1940's for her commitment to charity knitting, when she organized the Bronx chapter of the Womens Voluntary Services to knit for the troops during WW2. I had no idea this was floating around the family, and as tiny and battered as it is, I treasure it. I haven't found too much about it yet online . I'll put the research on the to-do list. The pin? I'm wearing it.


Debbie D said...

What a cool pin you inherited.

Carole Knits said...

I really want to go to the movies! I want to see Atonement and The Great Debaters and Charlie Wilson's War and Juno. I'm envious of all your movie time!

Leslie said...

That pin is a great memento. Hang on to it!

Norma said...

Wow!!!!! That is one fantastic little inheritance. And those yarn balls ARE works of art... Happy New Year!

Birdsong said...

What a great gift to be passed along to you! I think I have a few bent up DPs left over from my mom; she refused to ever knit after making socks during WW2 and had someone at a shop teach me when I was 5. I haven't gone out to the movies in a long while, mostly wait and watch on DVD... Great Debaters is at the top of my list, though I just picked up Pride and Prejudice to watch later.. the version with Kiera Knightley.eouwrzl

Archiknist said...

Are you going to try coming to ABP this Wed? I have 2 hats, if Emily doesn't make off with them for the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (or you can each have one).

Anonymous said...

That pin is so awesome! What a treasure!!