Monday, February 12, 2007

once again

These oldish socks are newly done! Not a moment too soon for this icy cold week. Since crossing into the cozy world that is sock knitting, my toes have known nothing else but handknits this winter. With only three pairs, rotation is heavy. Not to mention boring.

These are just the basics in Lornas Laces Stripes. I impulse bought this yarn on Destash late last winter when the brightness seemed, I don't know, perky or something. Then the seasons changed . I wished for more subtle colors. Now it's back to winter and, hell, they're wool, they're warm, who cares if they are garish and match nothing I wear? They're perky!
Careful viewers , by which I mean anyone with eyeballs, will note flashing on one foot and not the other. Curious? In my wisdom I customized the pattern to fit my foot shape but didn't write down the changes I made. I was sure I'd remember months later when I knit the second foot. I can hear you snickering , by the way.

That whole customized thing went down the drain after wearing them half a day. They stretched and are every bit as unfitted as if I'd never tried on either hoof. Not sure I'm loving the Lorna's Laces yarn as much as I thought I would. However, they are warm. And perky!!

Moving on. I bet you thought I'd be back with another Calorimetry.
You'd be right. An impulse one in some leftovers: Araucania NatureWool with a stripe of Frog Tree Merino. Its already done and on the head. More true to color in the view below. Cannot stop making these. I have tons of small leftover balls of yarn, there is no end in sight. I already showed you how many buttons are in the reserves.

Mia asked, in the comments last time, how I bound off. Firmly, in the same 2x2 ribbing that the piece is knit in. You don't want a baggy edge on these babies. I'd go down a needle size for the cast-on and/or bind-off if you're usually loose on those maneuvers.

I'm answering her in the text because Blogger, while the right price if you know what I mean, doesn't give you much chance to answer your comments unless your commenters write from their own email address or choose "other" when leaving comments and link back to themselves. You other Blogger bloggers know what I mean. The rest of you, if I don't write back, it's not cause I don't want to have some blog manners, I just can't.


Kathy said...

Love the socks, love the Calorimetry. Mine has kind of a loose bind-off (what did I know about binding off?), but the whole thing is so big that once the coldest winter weather is over I plan to frog it and reknit it about 6" smaller. It has done its job pretty well so far, though.

Carole Knits said...

I've found Lorna's to be baggy, too. But the colors are so pretty that I can't resist it.

Mary Lou said...

I had a dream last night that included 'hat hair' as a plot element! Must mean I should cast on for that Calorimetry pronto!

Kris said...

Great socks!

There is a trick to being answer comments left by blogger users. The person who leaves the comment needs to have the "Show my email address" feature on in their blogger profile. If it is, then you should be able to respond to the comment that comes to your email. Mine is on, let me know if it works!

nona said...

What fun, bright socks especially on a cold day. I love all the Calorimetry knitting you've been doing. Not only are you having fun with the pattern, but the end product looks great on you.

Scoutj said...

I love the little flashing on the one sock!

Emilee said...

I love perky socks.

Good job making Calorimetry work for you, I think it looks great.

normanack said...

I love me some flashing! It makes the item really unique.

I'll have to check my blogger account to see if I have the address thing turned on. Yeah, that's the one big thing I'd change on blogger -- how difficult it is to respond to comments!

Love, love, love your blog . . .