Thursday, February 01, 2007

everything old

...seems to be breaking. (Alternately titled, how about some whine with this post?).
On Sunday it was the tenant's oil furnace next door, flames licking out and smoke filling the basement. Emergency repair.
On Monday,our dsl modem flickered its last gasp of connection. I spent the afternoon agitating tech supports internationally . More locally, I crouched between my desk and the wall, in the big tangle of cables. I appreciate my talents as a champeen yarn untangler at times like this.
Monday night I thanked the helpful fellow in Mumbai, reconnected the router and set up a new improved wireless network for my family & world headquarers.

Later Monday night it was the tenants turn. The dishwasher was leaking next door. Not a little leak. A need-a-new-dishwasher type leak. Did the dishwasher talk to the furnace and plan this? Were my router and dsl modem involved?

Wednesday there was one old-ish thing I could make new easily, with blessedly no wires, added expense, cables, plumbing, heavily accented tech support or fumes .
The nephew's hat, knit and gifted in December came home to roost when he showed me that even though he has a great big dreadlock covered teenage noggin, it was way too big.

fyi: Its the go-to hat pattern that never disappoints, the Chic Beanie, knit in Farmhouse Yarns worsted weight merino, two strands held together. Black and something variegated.

It returns to him tomorrow night. And if the tenants call.....I'm not home.


Carole Knits said...

Here's hoping that everything thinking about breaking has already done it!

textilejunkie said...

Now that is some week! Don't you hate it how it all rolls at you at once like that.

The hat looks good though :-)

Anonymous said...

Electrical vodoo at work. Furnaces, dishwashers and modems singing the body electric. Inanimate objects, hah!
At least your nephew liked the hat enough to ask for it to be redone instead of leaving it on the closet floor.

Carol said...

Holy carp!(sic) What a week! I would say the modem was the mastermind and co-ordinated it all. that's why it wasn't working. Too busy plotting!

Tracy Batchelder said...

I do love that yarn. One day I'm going to buy some Farmhouse. Thanks for the link again. I've bookmarked it this time.