Thursday, August 03, 2006


Waterfire in Providence last Saturday night.
(Note the subtle titling to work this in. ) If you can, go. Schedule here. The image doesn't come close to the impact. Several city blocks of bonfires, lit in an old canal/river downtown, while music speakers set above the water line play haunting accompaniment: monks chanting, opera, world music. Its awesome in the true sense of AWE. Thousands of people show up to stroll & watch but its just about silent as this shirtless guy in the jean skirt - yet somehow looking extremely macho- lights the braziers from a black boat, except for one end of the canal, here, where he walks on old bridge supports. There's close to a hundred fires blazing by the end. Even the teenagers along reluctantly on this Mandatory Family Outing were blown away.

OK, we turn now from tribal togetherness and beauty to miters. A few more completed, clearly I was on a cream jag here. So far no two are alike.
I've been finishing miters and sticking them into plastic bags casually, when last week the mitering sister called to say she'd finished about a dozen, how was I doing.
To our surprise, when I took them out to count, our project is just like my mental state this week: only ten squares short of a full afghan.


Melissa said...

I laughed out loud at the 10 squares short comment...hilarious.
The squares are looking great though.

samw said...

I moved to the West Coast 2+ years ago and don't regret the move. However I MISS Waterfire... one of the truly awesome things that happens in Providence. You are right... words, photos... just can't capture the experience.

Glad you went and had a great time. Thanks for the photo!
~ Sydney

normanack said...

Oh, do you live in Providence? Lucky you. I lived there some years ago as a graduate student, back in the days of Mayor/convicted felon Buddy Cianci ("He never stopped caring about Providence") when the rivers were mostly paved over. Of course I had to be there in the wrong decade!

lill4my said...

The mitered squares are beautiful. I love the different color combos. How big are you going to make it?? THe full 80?? I've made 6 so far.. Quite a long way to go..

Your pictures are stunning too! Being a professional I'm sure you get that from us amateurs all the time, but they are truly awesome, your lighting is great! (And I'm partial to the sheepies;)


Wool Winder said...

"Ten squares short"...that's a good one! I think it describes my mental state this week too.

Who's going to be in charge of assembling the afghan when all the squares are finished?

Carole said...

I haven't been to waterfire in years but it's a really cool thing to see.