Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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I don't need Horatio Caine (who makes up these names?). I have all I need to identify what's going on here. Process this:

evidence of a good outing
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Julie & I went to the Hopyard Spinnery's Farmhouse Yarn sale. Its exactly on the way to nowhere, just past the charming village of East Haddam, CT. If you can't get there this week, at least look at the yarns and ask your LYS about them. Heavenly. I may have mentioned in the past how jelly-like and spaced out indecisive I am in a normal yarn store. I am not stash prone. Without a project in mind, pointed at an array of fiber, I am jello left too long on a sunny picnic table. I'm the one who walks out empty-handed.

So there I was, with a meadowfull of rubbermaid tubs of half price yarn ( how many tubs can a meadow hold? like, I dunno, a few hundred in case you're wondering), behind which sits a small barn full of mixed up tubs of handyed yarn of many weights and styles, which , we were told by the dyer herself, we should stuff into a shopping bag and pay $ 89. for the whole lot. Really? I hesitated. Julie plunged. We shared a bag. I think she could see I might just implode otherwise. It was a Very Good Outing.

When we unstuffed the bag later, our juicy assortment included this selection of mine.
Do you think I still had beet juice on my mind when I picked up these? This'll take care of that itch, in a way that only beautiful dyed merino can. I just love it, I'm thinking simple striped lengthwise scarf for me.

This morning, grievous evidence of a tiny fruit thief. This, on the left,
percomp is what I saw on the back deck this morning. I practically flew over to the tree to make sure it wasn't stripped bare. Its our 14th summer in this house, it came equipped with 2 spindly pear trees out back. Each year we watch 2 or 3 lonely pears develop a bit, then rot or fall off or just lose their will to thrive . This year? A bounty. A mystery of green speckled beauty. We decided the crime scene should be taken as a hint, not an affront
Harvest time!


Lauren said...

I gotta stay away from there! It looks too gorgeous.

margene said...

Yarn and pears! Both look so good!

normanack said...

Sale yarn -- I am a sucker for sale yarn. Without a willing partner in yarn-buying-crime, however, I must make do with individual skeins of awesome fiber beauty. My Christmas knitted gifts are small, but made of wonderful sale yarn!

Enjoy your loot!

Melissa said...

All of that yarn!! What a great haul!
The pears look yummy. I need to get some from my aunt's tree soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, if you don't need Horatio Caine, send him over to me, OK?

Those pears are so beautiful! And so is that giant pile of yarn. What are you going to make with all that? More miters?

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...yummy pears! Yummy yarn!

Norma said...

Those pears!!!!! Wow!!! What an incredible treat.

Emilee said...

WOW! That yarn is gorgeous! I go down towards East Haddam regularly, and I had no idea that it was there. I'll have to check it out!

Tracy Batchelder said...

That's my kind of yarn shopping! Wish I lived closer.

Kelly said...

Oh. My. And I envy you the un-nibbled pears. Our neighbor over the fence has a pear tree -- but the squirrels use our yard for their discards. Are the squirrels taunting us? Signs point to "yes." Kelly.