Sunday, August 06, 2006

had to, want to, won't

Had to: buy this shirt.
shirt6 I spent most of the weekend shooting a tourism job featuring an arts festival. With vendors. Sure the theory here is make money, not spend it, but how could I pass this by?

Want to: koolaid dye a big pile of sturdy Newfoundland gray worsted wool that a friend gave me in May. I was so happy with my light gray overdyeing last year and looking at Kathy's dyeing successes inspired me . I keep thinking of beets and the juice they make in such tempting deep red tones....

Won't : No beet dyeing! Here's why not. How much do I love the internet? I could easily have spent a whole day and a big honking red mess of cooked beets to end up with crappy brown on gray. mmmm-mm. Note that the site, which looks immensely helpful if you are interested in dyeing, opens with "novice dyers assume that beets will make a good dye" . Oh heellloo? over here? That's me you're speaking to!

I wonder if anything in my garden would make a good dye? I wonder if I'd be better off tucking a tiny sign in the flowers that says " KoolAid! Aisle 5. Go Now"

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normanack said...

I absolutely love that T-shirt!
The beets reminded me of a science fair project I did many, many moons ago. I took small bits of roving and boiled them with water and different bits of plant stuff I found around the yard and kitchen. I was extremely surprised that the beets dyed the wool brown. (Who knew back then that wool would come to fascinate me eons later?)
Have fun with the dyeing!

Wool Winder said...

Do you think they add food coloring to canned beets? I'm sure if you drip any of that juice on your clothes it will never come out!

Melissa said...

Beets...who knew??
Love the shirt.

Ann said...

LOL about the beets. It just seems like beets ought to be really dyeworthy.

And the bonfires look amazing. What a dramatic and odd thing for a city to do. So great.

I've been so unable to visit online folks this summer! Craving some bandwidth! Hope your summer has been swell. xoxo

Ann said...

Oh and PS! Your mitered square odyssey is looking beautiful! Can't believe you guys are almost done.

Norma said...

Interesting about the beets! And isn't the internet a wonderful thing (most of the time)? The things we can learn, in seconds!

Holly of HollYarns said...

oh my are an amazingly talented photographer. Visited your "real" life site and was blown away.