Wednesday, November 23, 2005

flora unfortunata

The sighting of a rare flower.

Paradoxically, we'd prefer it to bloom less often. Like not at all. Most likely to grow at the confluence of Bad Decisions Even Though You Know Better and Stubborn-ness. Maybe you recognize it by its common name? Partially ripped KidSilk Haze.

I'm making the multi-layered tube scarf from Alterknits, its the smaller version of the shawl at the link, essentially a long narrow tube of KidSilk Haze with silk fabric through the center, with some beads and trinkets on the ends and give it as a gift.

I knew I cast on too tight, I know KSH stretches like mad in open stitches, yet I still decided that I knew better than the pattern how many stitches to cast on. So, 12" later I had a ballooning tube of ridiculous width billowing out from the choked cast on edge. Curiously, the fuschia seems to intensify as its knit, not diffuse. Go figure. I thought the spaces between the threads would take the edge off.

Out it came. I cast on (on bigger needles this time) with the correct number of stitches in a pale blue and so far, 3" later, so good.

But enough about knitting, I've got pies to bake,and a houseful of my favorite people - my loud hungry extended family - showing up here in just a few hours for a four day fiesta. Have a happy thanksgiving to all who are celebrating!


Hunny said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

beatknit said...

to bad you had to rip, that stuff is such a pain. but a gorgeous color!