Sunday, April 21, 2024

Still here! Or..somewhere!

I'm still here and this blog is too!
Fast link to places I am teaching photo for makers coming up SOON maybe you'll join me???
 Here's a little behind the scenes from a Berroco photo shoot we did in late fall.  It's a really wonderful fresh crochet collection, the theme was Summer Festival wear --and it being way beyond the summer festival season IRL, we created this kitschy set .  And yes I want her boots!

 We purposefully lit it to be as bright and pop as the astro turf and fake backdrop. I really love the collection.

Wait till you see the next season of collections  we shot for Berroco that will be out soon for the Fall 24. All shot  on location in amazing places, fab moels and styling and such good designs and yarns.

Some fun trends: more and more good crochet design made with good yarns. And more and more shades of yellow greens! And more attention paid to yarn sources and sustainability.

These three are from a photo shoot for the Hudson Valley Textile Project, showing off member products. 

I'm even finding myself drawn to a bright almost not-quite  yellow green!  What colors are you falling for lately?


Vicki Knitorious said...

Oooh, tempted by that Chicago class... not sure I can wedge it in!! xoxo

Kym said...

I, too, am totally tempted by the Chicago class. . . (thinking, thinking)! And I am always a fan of yellow-ish/green-ish - and especially in the spring. Love that hat pattern, by the way!