Sunday, November 13, 2016

november post 9: picking up and carrying on

Well, it seems I lost my will to blog daily.  For a couple of days there this week, it was one foot in front of the other, walk on. Just keep moving forward because what choice is there. I suspect you understand. 
I was so very grateful that my work schedule had me driving down to Delaware to present a photography talk/ program and teach a workshop to the ladies at  Harmony Weavers Guild at the Center for Creative Arts near Wilmington. Note to self: remember this place, a great location for a retreat or workshop day.

We spent a lot of the hands-on workshop playing with ways to shoot scarves, indoors and out. Backgrounds, props, light... it was so wonderful to retreat from the world to this building full of art, set in the bright foliage, and just focus on photography and fiber for the day.  And the weaving--so beautiful. 

Next I drove up to Princeton NJ, for a visit with a dear friend, and to meet up with Kirsten Kapur for our booksigning party at Pins and Needles, on Friday evening.

Why yes, we do have drink coasters to go with our book.You might just get one if you catch us in person.
I think it is safe to say Kathleen (the owner),  Kirsten and I all felt far from festive as we put out the trunk show and set up the wineglasses. The phrase "dragging our asses" comes to mind. But the knitters showed up. The community of talking and sharing about our lives, work, our book, the yarn, our world, was good for all our broken hearts that evening.
Looking ahead- more gatherings. More community. 
Starting with plans for Craft Friday. Have you got your projects ready?
A few other links
Kirsten and I will be at CraftWorks Somerville on Saturday December 3 for a Boston area Drop Dead Easy Knits day. Join us!
The Mason Dixon Knitting Lounge , a forum, is open for hanging out--have you stopped by yet? I'm thinking this could be a good place to retreat virtually. Also they are starting a Gift Knitting KAL this week. I'm all in. 


Carole said...

I think we are going to really need to gather and be with our knitting and fiber community in the times ahead. I'm glad we have each other.

Ellen Mason said...

It was a hard week. Putting on a brave face was purt' near impossible for many of us. Hugs to you, my friend.

AsKatKnits said...

It was a week steeped in deep depression in my house as well. However, safety pin in place - heading out to a very small local fiber event was so good! Like minded, like-pinned people sparked the flames of hope inside!

Kym said...

I've had a few "draggin' my ass" days lately. I'm usually feeling better once I get to it, but . . . man. I've sort of lost the will to do almost anything. It's great to be in community, though. It really does help re-fill the soul. XO

twinsetellen said...

Even now it* happens, but less frequent and less sustained. It's our chance to see "what we would do if..."

I was hoping for a leisurely retirement, but I'm also deeply in love with my grandson so I guess it's Nana the Activist for the coming future.

*the ass draggin'.