Thursday, November 03, 2016

november post 3: TBT lamar chunky cabled scarf

Eight years ago, I made up a chunky scarf for my bro-in-law Lamar. He almost always gets a handknit gift from me, because he has the charming habit of a) appreciating handmade  b) wearing it and c) reciting back to me by memory, everything I've ever given him. That's more than a decade of knits. I know! Let's clone him!

I shared the pattern on my blog and put it on Ravelry, gratis*. It is still on point, though I'd knit it to a longer length now. It's had more than 45,000 page views. Far more than any other post! 

It's still a free download. But I'll add the following, because I feel more strongly than ever that all work has value: If you like this pattern, and download it, please consider a donation of any size to CRAN, an orphanage in Bogota Colombia that I am close to. Every nickel is well-used and appreciated.**

So!  for this post, I am throwing it back to Dec 2008 and sharing Lamar Chunky Cabled Scarf with you. I'll list some good alternatives to the recommended yarn, below, at the end of the original post. I can't wait to see your knits. Enjoy!

I'm ready to show & tell the finished gifts but Lamar gets its own post. I like it that much.

LAMAR a reversible cabled chunky scarf
Designer: me
Pattern: free download here
Yarn: Cascade 109 Tweed, a chunky yarn, 109 yards per skein, 3 skeins in walnut
Needles: size US 13
The backstory: when bro-in-law said he'd like a scarf I was ready to jump on one of those striped scarves. Except he added, "it has to be reeeaally soft so I can have it right on my neck."

Now, I can call the Noro Silk Garden soft enough when blocked for me, the knitter, but in the real non-knitting world? Not so much on the bare neck.

So, what to knit? I have Opinions on scarves. They should look great from both sides, and no ribbing allowed on the ends if they're cabled. And I wanted cables but not with squared off long sides. I felt like knitting chunky. So I winged it. (wang it?) . Manly enough for the guys, don't you think? Still a little artsy, looks good on women too. That's sister Lulu lending her neck for the cause.

I usually get bored on the last quarter scarf, but not this time. It was that quick a knit.

 added 2016:
 I'd recommend more yardage than in the pattern, the original scarf was traditional/short  I'd suggest 400-450 yards of super bulky yarn, and keep knitting till it is gone, for a longer scarf.
Some good options are
Misti Alpaca Chunky- 4-5 skeins
Malabrigo Yarn Chunky - 4-5 skeins 
Tahki Yarns Montana- 4 skeins
Rowan Big Wool - 4 skeins--and go up a needle size, try US 15 or 17- this is even chunkier! You can super size it.
 Also you can check out the 524 projects posted for yarn ideas.

*Let's discuss this gratis/free thing. You get what you pay for--I made up this pattern, wrote it up in my own style, described it as I wished and posted it. No conforming to any style sheet or notes to help a new cable knitter. No charts or diagrams. Test knitting, tech editing? Nah.  You get nice professional photos  because I am a [nice] professional photographer :-).
In 2008, it was a little more of the Wild West in the internet knitting community, and posting an off-the-cuff pattern for free wasn't unusual.  I wouldn't do so now.  I work with too many super talented and dedicated designers whose patterns you should buy to support our  corner of the crafting world. By giving away my design work, I would disrespect  and undermine theirs. Not to mention the work of all creatives, including myself.

**It is National Adoption Month, and so CRAN is on my mind, just as they are always close to my heart. They do good work, caring for children in residential foster care, caring for and placing abandoned babies and children in adoption, and running an early childhood education day program and school for an impoverished neighborhood near the orphanage.The link is to a non-profit that fundraises for them internationally.


Kym said...

Lovely scarf; lovely cause. (I'd knit for Lamar, too!) (It really was kind of the Wild West back then, wasn't it?) XO

Carole said...

Has it really been 8 years since you created that pattern? Wow. I knit one for a friend in orange and I know she still wears it.

AsKatKnits said...

I have not known you long, but I do know that I love your patterns! And, this scarf is just perfect! And, really - so are you. I love the yarn substitution suggestions!!

Also, I did not know it was adoption month - this is something that is very close to my heart, thank you for sharing CRAN information! XO

Vicki Knitorious said...

I've always wanted to knit this pattern -- why have I not?? Perhaps this is the year!!
Thank you!

steph said...

lovely post and if i ever knit with chunky this will be high on the to-knit list! looks like a great organization which just may get some support from me...just because. thanks for sharing the link. Columbia is one of the south american countries that Living Waters does NOT have a presence. Your group sounds like an organization very similar to one we support in Kenya for orphans as a result of the AIDS epidemic. We put a water system there a couple years ago.....such great kids who have been through more than we can imagine in a lifetime. So many good causes....

twinsetellen said...

It is so wonderfully chunky that it should have raisins and nuts in it.

Oh, BTW, you don't have to reply to every comment I make. I'm obviously playing catch up!

Unknown said...

I cant seem to download it, could someone send the pdf version for me?