Thursday, September 11, 2014

recommitted (and it feels so gooood): blogging

Fresh back from the revivifying and always inspiring Fiber College of Maine , where I taught Savvy Storytelling: Writing & Photography for blogs with Beverly Army Williams of PoMoGo Lightly
front lawn view of Penobscot Bay
Fiber College:  a weaving underway
It was 4 days of sharing a house with funny, artistic, smart women, the kind of room mates you can only wish for. I took away lots of things, but mostly I realized I wouldn't be in that place if not for blogging, and spiralling connections.   
I'm joining Beverly, and Kirsten Kapur, and Mary Lou Egan and Cal Patch  and others, in returning to my blog with regularity. Not to mention rebuilding my blogreading habits.  Who do you read these days? Leave a suggestion in my comments!

Kirsten also asked this question and listed many of my longtime faves, she's s receiving great suggestions in her comments.

I've been gravitating to those who post regularly, and includes lots of photos:  LoriTimesFive, Fringe Association, Getting Stitched on the Farm, ZenNeedleKnitorius, and the longtime reliable Carole Knits

FYI: All of the photos today were  made with my almost dead older cracked iPhone. Yes I know I am a professional photographer with a kickass camera and plenty of knowhow.  Busman's holiday!  It is creating some interesting colorshifts and odd blur, which I sorta kinda am correcting and sorta kinda am keeping. 

If these photos look familiar, you may be on of my Instagram feed.  It is so easy to post there,  I do so daily.  Although tempting,  rarely a shot looking down on a plate of food.  Been there! Seen that! I'm galezucker on Instagram, you can see what I mean. 

Looking forward to your  blogreading suggestions and to being back here with some regularity.


Kirsten said...

You captured the weekend beautifully with your cracked old iphone! Thanks for the motivation and the excellent class.

Carole said...

Longtime reliable, eh? That's good, right? LOL. A couple of blogs I really like - and these may be duplicates of ones I mentioned at Kirsten's - are Talk of the House, Chronicles of Home and Kim Klassen Photography.

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Yes- Carole Julius of Carole Knits-longtime reliable should have read: longtime reliably good! (why else would we keep coming back!)

Ellen Bloom said...

I ALWAYS love your photos, iPhone or fancy-cam! I've been reading the blogs of the crafty Brit-Chix and the French-Chix lately. I don't understand French, but I LOVE their crochet photos AND charts! Check out Dottie Angel, Granny Mania!, Coco Rose Textiles and of course, Attic24. BECAUSE, you need more granny square inspiration! Enjoy!

Sam said...

Love your work since Front St. New Haven. I was at the Stage Lighting place. Read your blog and here are my suggestions: geeks, girly and crafty Fab pics of Icelandic and Shetland ponies.

Vicki Knitorious said...

Love the idea of that workshop with you & Beverly...

I happily blogged through the Big Blog Slump and now, as everyone is apparently refreshed and renewed (for the moment), I'm feeling it slip.

I could have used that workshop! :)

Kristin Nicholas said...

Hi Gale - So what is up w/ Facebook now. They hi-jack your blog post and the comments don't come through to your blog. Oh, geez. Another thing to think about.

I commented over there and now here.

Glad you are blogging again.

Hope to see you soon,

Susan in Katonah said...

Blogs I enjoy:

Kieran Foley, knit designer, in Dublin: scroll down a lot. His photos are a total time sink. Not to mention his amazing knits.

Kate Davies Designs.

She makes me want to move to Scotland immediately. One post last winter -- about two inches of snow being unusual --clinched it.

margene said...

In the hands of a great photographer, any camera is a good one! It's wonderful to see you (and a few others) recommitted to blogging. It gives me the boost I need to keep going, too. Thanks for the mention!

steph said...

cracked phone or not....great photos. (loved the online workshop btw!)...great to see you all back.

twinsetellen said...

Funny how a bunch of us hit a period of life that left blogging behind, isn't it? Even though we link a podcast every few weeks, the TwinSet blog is otherwise neglected. I'm feeling an urge coming on - not quite to full commitment yet, but it's coming.

I do regularly read DesigKnit for the design inspiration (and dry wit), SpinDyeKnit for the life inspiration, and From Ewe to You for shepherding wisdom.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Thanks to you, I have several new blogs in my blog reader. I'm using Feedly to keep up; how about you? I looked through the list recently, and there are so many blogs that have fallen by the wayside, but I'm afraid to take them off the list, in case there's a reawakening.

I love your photography, even with cracked phone. The best camera you have is the one that's with you, and my phone is always with me.

Instagram? I love it. Quicker than blogging, but I blog, too. I'm pdxknitterati over there, and my blog is if you want to swing by.