Monday, September 15, 2014

fiber college: amen!

Loved all the blogreading suggestions and feedback. Thanks!
how they mend the screens at Fiber College
While I haven't settled what will be my new blog routine I do know this: if there's something you want to blog about, don't wait too long. It  evaporates like so much steam from the dyepot.

Which means I'd better tell you about Fiber College 2014. It is always quirkily wonderful-- maybe it's the stunning location on Penobscot Bay, at a campground with award winning gardens, making for a magical setting. Many classes take place under tents, or outdoors, so there's a festival feel, and a groovy vibe, as Beverly said in her post today.
added: and she blogged about quilting there, too
This year the special artists were Gees Bend Quilters, just the kind of mind bending cultural exchange you'd think.  I wandered into their sewing tent classroom when I wasn't teaching, to get a taste. How do you convey a form of quilting that's heritage, cultural tradition, intuition, oral history and faith in a higher power ? Not by making diagrams, setting down rules or talking about the principles of design. The Gees Bend Quilters are deeply religious and believe the spirit creates the art. Who can argue? Each class started with some serious praying and singing, like Prayer Meeting style, inviting Jesus to enter the quilters' hearts and minds and hands as they created, stitching by hand and by machine.
You'll want to google around to see more from people who quilted for real with the ladies. 
edited to add: here's Jan Cooper's wonderful Fiber College report. .Pretty amazing. I'll share with more of what I was teaching & making soon. If you posted about Fiber College, please leave a link in the comments !  And I'll  leave you with this:
 Fiber College blog here.
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Beverly said...

It was pretty incredible to see the quilts and Gee's Bend Quilters! I love how this collection of images brings that feeling back!

Sara Buck Gilli said...

Thank you for this! It was "almost" like being there. I am going to arrange my travel schedule next year so that I can go!

Carole said...

Those are some very cool quilters.

Jan (jcoop on ravelry) said...

Great description of what it was like, Gale! Your photos are always so wonderful!

margene said...

After a little "googling around" I can see why the Gee Bend quilters were inspiring!

Ellen Bloom said...

WOW! This looks like a FANTASTIC time! Thanks so much for posting about this. Want. Gees Bend. Quilt!

Mary Lou said...

I have to fix a screen and mentioned it to Guy who said "didn't you just go to Fiber College? Surely you could mend it by sewing." Hah! HE has no idea.

Ellen Mason said...

That's my screen mend! Did it this summer.
Thanks for capturing the Gee's Bend Ladies singing -- everyone stopped in their tracks to enjoy.

steph said...

I can't wait for a tear in my screen now!! :)

Emily said...

I'm so happy you captured them singing! So lovely.