Monday, May 20, 2013

(almost)all shawl

Were I a squeee-er, that'd be my opener right here. Because! It is official! I am teaching an Interweave webinar, Photographing Your Knits!  Sign up now, action starts June 5th.  Catalina shawl
the Catalina shawl, from Green Mountain Spinnery. Crocheted. I know, right?
If you've never tried a webinar, this is a good one to give a whirl,  I promise it'll be a fun hour and you will learn. Plus: pictures! many many!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch,   I pounced on the Mothers Day shawl request project.  I was struck with inspiration to knit  Caliz, by Romi Hill. *
It's been in my queue ever since it was a club pattern** from A Verb for Keeping Warm in 2011. And, I've been admiring the Anzula Oasis yarn at my LYS for a while.  When I realized it may be the same base yarn  Verb dyed for the club version of  Caliz -   70 silk/30camel blend with a slightly loose ply that gives it a natural look-- I knew I had my match.
I am loving knitting this. Garter stitch in purl, lace that is just my level of enjoyment:  engaging, easy to read, no tricky bits.  M1purl, a new move for me but easily mastered.
I shot the above optimistically, Saturday morning , thinking I'd show you how I spent my weekend. (also? I adore the colors of this early 70's paperback book cover) . Not so much reading happened, but I did take in 5 episodes of Breaking Bad season 4. So that is something, right?
I also thought I'd get in some gardening , also put on hold. Not for the lack of the best helper around. 
• • • • • • • • • •
* thanks to all for shawl suggestions in the comments from the last post. Really good ones! I may get into a shawl knitting jag as a result.Maybe a round up in another post of all the fab options.

**so, I was not actually a member of the Pro-verbial club but I watched someone who was, knit this shawl. It's kind of modern and slightly rustic, lacey but not fussy, I think my mom will love it.  If for any reason she doesn't , I will gladly keep it and knit her another option--which is to say good thing I am publicly declaring it for her so I don't get too attached.

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Lori ann said...

that is SO SO exciting! you inspire me so much with all you do gale. i'll have to read more about how it works. i have a question right now though, what is that gorgeous blue shawl you are wearing in the class photo?
and that anzula oasis i have to find. it looks amazing!