Tuesday, May 07, 2013

a classy weekend (with gratuitous name dropping)

Very classy! Last Sunday I debuted a new Photo for Knitters workshop: Photographing for Your Ravelry Projects Page, held at  Knit New Haven. My classes are always hands-on but this one was especially focused.  As a group, we worked on one project from each student at a time.
I'd say Julia Bogardus (Sorrento on Ravelry) nailed her Taygete shawl by Romi Hill, doncha think?
 Everyone there made beautiful images, too, here's one from Michelle, aka MMDube23 Yliana was our fabulous model this time. I've found bringing an assistant who poses with the knits helps the class really flow. Bonus:  no one taking the class gets stuck in front of the camera-- unless they want to.

I am attempting  Ann & Kay's burst'o'blogwords writing initiative, but my 15 minutes do not yield anything read-worthy. Plus, I always have more to say.  Like, I can't leave out Saturday, at the Fairfield Woods Library DIY Crafts Salon. What a lovely group--I talked about Craft Activism, then I lead a project, inspired by Virgina Fleck. I was only slightly (cough,understatement, cough) intimidated that the previous presenter had been Denyse Schmidt.

And, considering the date, I  MUST mention what a fabulous gift a copy of Craft Activism * makes for Mothers Day.  Or, a gift certificate for a class. Just saying!

*absolutely true story I swear: Barbara Walker's son got her a signed copy of Craft Activism as a gift a few months ago. NO SH*T !!  I didn't know who he was but he asked me to inscribe it to his mom, Barbara. I asked " Does she knit?" To which he replied, "uhhh, you could say so..." and then revealed her full name. I was left with my mouth hanging open saying something like "ohmuhgawwwwww".
 another from Julia Bogardus/ sorrento,   her Inspira cowl
A few more classes soon--May 18th, a Photo Safari with The Village Knitter in Babylon NY, and starting May 16th in the evening, a 3 session class at Webs. This will be a rare chance to do a class where you get to shoot, return, review & discuss later --which is wonderful for letting new ideas seep into your photo habits. The class is in Northampton MA at Webs on Thursdays May 18, May 30 and June 6th, from 5:30-8, signups here .

And not coming up that soon, but I hear these fill up fast: I just got an email that the registration for the Rhinebeck workshops (NY Sheep & Wool Festival in October, if you want to be all formal about it) are open as of now.


Ellen Bloom said...

OMG! BARBARA WALKER has my GrannyGreen Bag pattern and MY photo in her house?!?! That is super cool, Gale! Larry asked who Barbara Walker was. All I could say was, "She wrote THE BOOK!"

LOVE the idea of a class on how to improve your Rav projects page! Nice work!

Lisa/knitnzu said...

That's a riot!

ashayne said...

That is SO COOL, re Barbara Walker. And love all the classes you're teaching, Miss Busypants!

Kirsten said...

Wow! That would have definitely made me weak kneed.

Just signed up for your Rhinebeck class. Yayayayay!!

Stacey (FreshStitches) said...

That's the best. story. ever.

twinsetellen said...

Barbara Walker - a knitter and an activist, so this sure makes sense (and makes me smile!).

Mary Lou said...

Swoon...we are in Barbara Walkers house! Love it!