Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the reason why you should plan your posts

So, I don't have much to show you after that last post. I mean a few more rows on a grey sweater, even if it is the lovely Pearl Ten, is not so riveting.
Bleak outside doesn't do much to inspire. My view from the dogwalk this morning.

Here's what I'm doing to counter attack the bleak. Planning classes for spring and summer. (Links soon, but I can tell you they include a 3 session class at Webs, yay!) .  Pinning outfits to Pinterest to brainstorm  clothes for a photo shoot in March for a yarn company I adore. (Overalls, I hear are making a comeback. I adore overalls. Neon...not so much. Trying to be open minded).

All with liberally sprinkled breaks of blogreading to take me away. Want to share a transcendant one? Go read lori times five today. aaaaaaaaah. Much better. 

(Actually, go read her any day. I am so lucky she took my class in Santa Barbara last March, or I might not have come across her blog, and got to know her a little.  I  promise you will be inspired by her knitting and her photography and her world).


Lori ann said...

gale maybe a little west coast could be in your planning? :)

i am so grateful for having taken your class, your gift for photography and teaching is only made greater for how you share. thank you so much for the kind words, we are home now, missing those wide open spaces.

Manise said...

Transcendant indeed! Many thanks for sharing Lorix5! A wonderful space to visit esp when stressed out and the weather so bleak.

Mary Lou said...

Wow - another successful student! Nice photos of the sun. I think I remember what it looks like.