Friday, February 22, 2013

1 FO, 2 wip, 13MO

Some kind of weird alphabet soup.
The FO, a birthday present for sister Lulu, who collects pincushions. Improvised from scrap yarns-- they may all be Cascade 220. 413_GaleZucker0213FVShe loved it, though I decided it was exactly halfway between hackysack and decorative toiletpaper cover.  Not sure I want to slip down that slope.
wip #1: another Bigass Granny square blankie underway, (Marla, you better look away if reading this) .  I like to think working on this is the intersection where deep winter meets cabin fever.  437_GaleZucker0213FVSo many colors! Such a fine way to use up started skeins and play around with how colors interact. Plus, once it starts to grow? Warm lap.
447_GaleZucker0213FV wip #2: I cast on for this Shellseeker sweater for myself in..October? Not sure why it is not done yet. In Malabrigo Rios Pearl Ten, that queen of all the Malabrigo colors. Is it gray, is it eggplant, is it brownish blackish purple? No stripes for me, though. I tipped the neck with mostly red handspun, because you can do that when you knit your own sweaters. I'd like to stick with this sweater and get 'er done soon.  March is the month of our sweater discontent around here, as the winter seems like it will never end.
13 MO. Can't resist.

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Blogger Manise said...

Like the last one, your blanket has that cool mosaic tile look to it. Love the bug's eye view photo of it! I have a hoard of Julia I need to chew up and this might be a fun way of using it all up. I am even considering joining in on the potholder swap. Lol. Should be interesting considering my noobish crocheting abilities.

Your granddaughter is adorable! MO= magnificent object!

8:13 AM  
Blogger Laura Blinn said...

The pin cushion is awfully cute! So is that 13 month old too! My daughter is the same age!

9:46 AM  
Blogger Mary Lou said...

Oh she is soooo cute. And if you slide toward toilet paper roll covers, I'll do an intervention. Or join you.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

I'm so thrilled that you're crocheting MORE! The pincushion is adorable and the new blankie is GORGEOUS. Oh yeah, your granddaughter is cute too!

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Lee said...

I agree--the only way to get through February and March is with a massive color infusion. Love, love, love the grannies.

The little one? Too. Cute

10:49 AM  
Blogger Ellen Mason said...

A granny themed post as well. They're all so charming!

2:02 PM  
Blogger Jan said...

How DOES that child get cuter & more grown up in every picture you take of her! love the crocheting too. :)

4:13 PM  
Blogger maryse said...

A great alphabet soup. Your little one is adorable

9:00 PM  
Blogger LoriAngela said...

Love your last photo, little people are the best antidote to cabin fever.

12:40 PM  
Blogger Tyche's Minder said...

Love your blog. Granddaughter's awfully cute too.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Lori ann said...

oh my your projects are beautiful. love the color of your sweater, its bound to be a favorite. hi little sweetie!

1:09 AM  
Anonymous twinsetellen said...

Cupcake is what I thought when I saw the first picture...and the last!

11:05 PM  

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