Friday, February 01, 2013

an agenda

Blasting through with a quick post of TwoThings I Need to  Tell You Before It is Too Late. wwAcowlcomp
1- This Saturday Feb 2nd : Photography for Knitters workshop with yours truly, for The Village Knitter in Babylon NY on The Island. The class was moved out of the shop and down the block to the library, giving me room for a couple of extra seats. It's close to sold out but you can still join us. Do it!  It's going to be an excellent way to spend the afternoon 12:30-4:30. Your Ravelry Projects page will thank you.

2- I just know you want to be reminded that Saturday is also Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Usually I have a party but since I'll be driving to LI, and the rules require eating ice cream before noon...I will have to celebrate in Babylon. I think I've persuaded Ann to join me. Hee-hee. You should too. I hope there is excellent coffee ice cream in Babylon. With sprinkles. That's all I'm saying. 1041_0912GaleZuckerFC 
Both photos © mine, of course.
Top photo: the Cabled Cowl, a fab bulky project from Wear With All. Every time I look at this photo I wonder why I haven't knit one or six, yet.
Bottom photo: An embellished tree stump at Fiber College in Searsport Maine. I don't know what the doily is made from, fiber-wise- but it had been there a while I think, and was getting silvery from the elements. This kind of beauty is just all over the place there.


Anonymous said...

Ice cream for breakfast?!
I'm in!
Love this,
Cheryl (from Toronto)

Lee said...

Oh, Fiber College! I think I have to be there.

Lori ann said...

i love both of these photos, the cowl is really lovely, i need one too i think. and the beautiful bit of handmade goodness on the tree stump, i really love things like that.
have fun at your icecream workshops!

Cathy R said...

Dang it!!! I missed "Ice Cream for Breakfast" AGAIN!!!

I shall comfort myself with admiration of your lovely photos. That stump is almost hypnotic.

twinsetellen said...

This concept of embellishing natural objects is appealing to me.

I wonder what my cat would deign to wear?