Monday, February 11, 2013


Instead of speaking of the weather, let's go straight down to  speed post. (If you haven't been following, Kay and Ann over at Mason-Dixon Knitting have blazed the form).
First up, a lighter, and even quicker Decibella:
Modified from the original pattern, it's knit on size 11 needles, using 1 skein each of Berroco Peruvia Quick in Gris Marengo and Rosa. Cast on 60 inches, and off you go. It's a one day knit, if, say, it is raining on top of the weekend's 38" snowfall and you don't feel like going out. 0039_GaleZuckerFV_0213 The stitch  never fails to entertain, it is so much easier than brioche, and the stripes reverse themselves on the wrong side. Not that there  is a wrong side... Anyhoo, this is still  voluminous cowl, if you want something even more everyday, I'd say cast on 42 stitches and take it from there. Half-day knit! Times saved for shoveling!

Over on Ravelry there are some nice lighter weight versions too, take a peek.  Although in my experience lately, being able to hide in your cowl has some advantages.decibella_1_galezucker 
original version, for comparison sake.

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Manise said...

Love the latest version! The color combo is wonderful and looks great on your model.