Friday, July 29, 2011

Fiber College giveaway, blog tour stop #5

Welcome Fiber College blog tourists to your final stop. If you're feeling bad for me for being last, worry not. I've spent my whole life as a Z. I am used to being last. It builds character.
 In that spirit , I am going to make you wait till the end of the post for the giveaway. (OK, if you must skim ahead,  I'm giving away a spot in one of my classes at Fiber College, just scroll down).
10 Reasons You Should Join Us at Fiber College
1- Fiber College takes place on the ocean in Searsport Maine. Sept 8-11th. I don't think you really need 9 more reasons. If you have ever been in coastal Maine in early September, you know what I'm talking about.The light. The smells. Peaceful & spectacular.

2- Did you notice the words on the ocean? I don't mean in a town that is on the coast but at this place. You can camp there (I am! primo spot! oceanfront!). Camping with beautiful flower gardens and adirondack chairs and hot showers,  near town for espresso runs and other, ahem, necessities of civilization. Like ice cream. If you don't want to sleep in a tent or fire up your RV, there are inns and hotels nearby.

3, 4, 5 - OK I will  be egocentric, the next three reasons are my classes. Friday morning is Photography for Knitters, Crafters & Bloggers- Styling your FO's general photography techniques and tricks and ideas for shooting your work. We'll play with color & light & choosing backgrounds. Saturday morning is Photography for Knitters: Working wth Real Life Models - we'll work on photographing people, especially to show off your knits. It is part technique, part psychology, lots of hands on. Very fun. If you're a designer who wants to have great shots of people wearing the patterns you're selling on ravelry, this is the class for you. On Sunday, for the 1st time ever, I am psyched to teach a more advanced class of Photography for Knitters/Crafters: Working with Light. It'll be all about sun and the lack of it, direct & indirect light sources, shadow, indoor lights, using cheapish artificial light sources and working too with electronic flash (strobes), both large & small - the full monty of lighting, with the focus of making fiber look great.

6- All the other classes. OMG the classes. The teachers & subjects are mind boggling. Just go look. You can go traditional techniques in knitting, spinning, or weaving. You can try something new with wool like dyeing with indigo and woad, or felting 3 dimensionally . Or something new, like hula hooping or silkscreening or book making.

7- Artist in residence! I love when there's a special person who's presence gives a shape to the gathering and who can do a Saturday night presentation that'll capture us all. It's Mary Jane Mucklestone. I've never met her but I am looking forward to, because I so admire her work. Check out her Saturday night presentation, especially.

8- Vendors. If just sitting by the surf, knitting,and soaking in all the free-floating creativity  isn't enough, you can shop. Like a mini Rhinebeck but no traffic and easier access to the fiber critters.

9- That's right, I said fiber animals. I guess you know how I feel about sheep, goats and alpaca. I'll skip the baaaaaa-d puns.

10- Above all, community. The spirit of the gathering is so on the mark to me, it is making me look forward to September. (I hate when summer ends, hate it).But here's what I mean, right from the Fiber College website:
"What is Fiber College?
It's all about doing...and it's more than classes: it's community, sharing and evening events.
We hold the following statements to be true: September is the most beautiful month on the coast of Maine. Surrounded by the sea and bordered by gardens you can relax, revitalize and daydream~ you know that you need this. "

Giveaway! If you'd like to win a seat in one of my classes (your choice but if it's for the lighting class, just be sure you want to geek out ,photographically, that much).
Leave a comment below saying what non-photo class most piques your interest. I'll take comments till 3 pm east coast time on Wed August 3rd, and I'll do a random number for the winner.

See you there?


Leamonteach said...

Hey, I'm the first commenter! I think I'd like to take a MJ Mucklestone color class because I could use the practice. . . Love your photos. I think I could sketch better than I photograph, and that's saying very little!

Genevieve Keller said...

I'm taking a class that really got my attention: Andean Accents - I can't wait! This is my first time attending Fiber College. Your class on lighting also sounds interesting because I photograph my student's work (elementary art) all the time and could use guidance, tips, info, etc.
I'm really looking forward to Sept...

gayle said...

Ya know, I was perfectly satisfied with my life before I read this post. But now...

Mary Lou said...

Boy I wish I could be there. Maybe next year?

Genevieve Keller said...

I can't get your blog title out of my head while knitting and gardening.
(I LOVE it!)

"She Shoots Sheep Shots"...
So...She Surely Shot Shadowy Sheep Shots, Shanghaied Shapely Sheep Shots, and Shaggy Short Sheep Shots - All With Such Savvy!

okay, back to knitting. Or maybe I should be sent out to weed the tomatoes! ;)

Meg McG said...

I would definitely want to take the punchneedle class. I've seen demos, got the cheapo Joanns tools and would love to really sink my teeth into learning more. And oceanfront camping sounds wonderful!

Susan in Katonah said...

Needlefelt Your Favorite Animal. I need to learn to make fuzzy creatures for my 5th-grade son's animation projects.

I took your fab Southampton class and would love to geek out about lighting.

Sara said...

Hooping. Definitely hooping. I was a hooop queen in the 60s, and need to regain my crown (or knitted hat).

Medora said...

Next to your classes, I'd be most interested in "Indigo, Woad & Weld." I've already had a class with Michelle; she packs a lot of information into a short timespan. See you in September!

Sharon said...

i'm not brown nosing ... i really need a geeky photography class :)

Karen said...

I recently decided to move off the "auto" button on my DSLR and would love to take your classes. I promise to study intensively before the classes. LOL I would be coming from the Bahamas, so looking forward to fall colour as well.

twinsetellen said...

Physical pain is happening here at not being able to go to Fiber College.

For the first time in my life I want to be old - old enough to retire and take all the fiber classes I can handle instead of all the classes I can fit into my schedule.

Suzanne said...

When I first read about the contest I immediately thought...well, MaryJane's color class, of course and I will be taking it. I have never done much color work but now that I spin I would love to use my hand spun to knit a fair isle 'something'...but then there is Totally Batty...and I need to know how to make the batts to spin the yarn to knit the fair isle 'something'...and then of course I need to photograph my goods (yes, I am signed up for not one, not two but all three of your classes Gail). I can hardly contain my excitement that Fiber College is only one month away. See you all there!