Friday, July 22, 2011

yo tambien

099_GaleZucker0711wkshopMitered Cross  and the design  inspiration in quilt form flappin' in the breeze
Although Kay did a stellar post complete with awesome photos she made- I tell you I am positively ferklempt looking at them- I still want to report on that one-of-a kind class I taught in Southampton LI a couple of weekends ago.012_GaleZucker0711wkshop Teaching at a private home gave  a whole 'nother vibe to the class. Where else could a student be seen with a camera, a cellphone and her small dog under the same arm while photographing a woman lounging on velvet on a lovely shaded patio.
You wanted a closer look, am I right? It's not really on my list of "Ten Top Tips To Take Terrific Tightshots" but on the other hand,and I mean literally on the other hand, we're talking Olive. (love that Olive)
We went all out on the refreshments, in a way one might not at a shop or library or other educational venue. Because afterall, G&T's make a very good prop, and I heartily endorse good props. BTW this is Phyllis Rowley's design.
A constant at all of the Photography for Knitters classes is the presence of brilliant knits. Will you look at this Volt in Kidsilk Haze? Can you practically feel it? It's by Susan, here's her Ravelry link.  Karin, a freind of Kay's,  was there to model. I'm not sure she knew in advance that would be her role. 
But I don't think she minded too much.
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Last night at Webs ended the summer series of classes I've been teaching. It was SO hot, I didn't even take photos myself. That is a real heat indicator, because it was a very very good time. When the heat got to us, we decided to use " WEBS, Yarn Store of Your DreamsWhich  is Very Well Air Conditioned & Colorful"" as our setting for the photography, instead of the  hellish sauna great outdoors where posing in wool felt downright punitive.
In September I am THRILLED to be teaching at two events, you really should check them out
Fiber College- a gathering of knitters, artists & vendors  in Searsport Maine Sept 8-11 and
The Creative Connection Event, a gathering with the emphasis on craft entrepreuneurship and empowering women Sept 15-17th in St Paul MN - I teach Friday as part of the Vogue Knitting lineup.


Cookie said...

It looks like such a wonderful time! Although, I do wonder when little Olive will start carrying her own camera around.


gayle said...

"How to take great photos while juggling a small dog, a cellphone, and a camera" sounds like a wonderful class!

Susan aka paintermom said...

Thanks so much for mentioning Fiber College a few weeks back. I signed up and I can't wait! See you there!

Miss Sandra said...

Sorry I wasn't able to make the last Webs class but that must have been brutal outside!

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

The g&t's look so refreshing, but the most powerful photo is the hand with the Volt in Kidsilk Haze...gorgeous!