Thursday, June 02, 2011


webs cone at Bartlebys
The setting: my car, last week, speeding north toward a photo shoot in Vermont
Dramatis personae: myself and my photo asst Kelly. She is driving, I am knitting, we are discussing important issues about the history of photography. Oh, ok ,so we're gossiping about other photographers .
We are just slightly north of Springfield Mass. The shoot we are heading to is commercial and utterly unrelated to crafty subjects.
Kelly, in an unexpected subject change: so, I've been seeing all these knitted things. On Pinterest. With huge yarn. Where do you think I could find fat yarn?
Me: hey, get in the right lane. NOW! Take that exit. WEBS!!
Kelly: ...? Webs? What's ...Webs?
(sound of squealing wheels on exit ramp)
Camera Roll-16
Kelly, via phonecam, a short time later. By 1 am in our Montpelier inn, she was cranking out a mondo squooshy blanket in broken rib.
As for me? I chose thecone in the top photo, of Valley Colrain Lace to make a super wide, long  Gossamer Stars  shawl by Kat Coyle. I've been thinking about it for a couple of years but hadn't been able to settle on the right yarn. More accurately, I'd been choosing yarn but always coming up too spendy for the version I want, like 3 times wider and 50% longer than the pattern in IK, more like this fabulous one Kat knit. Even longer and wider, since she is tiny. We hit Webs at the end of their sale, the cone was beyond reasonably priced. For a few minutes I walked around with three cones, two for a Striped Study shawl. Then I got a grip and chose just this  grayish purple, that they call Elderberry, and I made all periwinkly by Hipstamatically presenting it..

Did I mention I'm teaching two 3 hour classes of Photography for Knitters at Webs- one this month and one in July? So psyched! You can take one or take both, we decided to make it easy that way, depending on your time. Info here.

And info about other upcoming workshops, scattered around geographically, here .
Ps the shoot went well, too. Next post, Providence.


Carole Knits said...

How opportune that she mentioned knitting just in time to get off the highway and go to webs!

cauchy09 said...


i someday hope to make a pilgrimage there. but for now i'll just impatiently await all your pretty projects...

Mary Lou said...

I can hear the tires squeal. And I just got my first iphone,so I am inspired by your hipstamatic shot, and have to check out the app.

Ellen Bloom said...


Cookie said...

I really do live on the wrong coast.


Cat With Cats said...

How very clever of you to get a Photographic Assistant who drives while you can knit.

Was it part of the job description?

Bonnie said...

Wonderful! I'm glad you were able to visit Webs, and you definitely should reward yourself since you were making the visit as a favor for your friend. Good work!

twinsetellen said...

There are no accidents, eh?

That yarn, and the story, are delightful.

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

Did anyone else have to look up the meaning of peripatetic? Or is it just me? For all of you pretending you know the definition :
[per-uh-puh-tet-ik] Show IPA
walking or traveling about; itinerant.
( initial capital letter ) of or pertaining to aristotle, who taught philosophy while walking in the Lyceum of ancient Athens.
( initial capital letter ) of or pertaining to the Aristotelian school of philosophy.

Thanks Gale! I think I'll use this one.

Natalie said...

One day I will pull over on the highway to Webs! Just blocked my stripe study shawl. I love the pattern. Happy knitting with your fab yarn. The color is stunning.

craftivore said...

You actually considered driving by Webs?! I hope to make it out there one of these days. Gossamer Stars looks gorgeous. I've been looking for a lace wrap for my SIL's wedding, this is a contender.

gayle said...

I'm laughing as I visualize the scene - and wondering what the drivers behind you thought at the sudden change of direction...