Monday, June 27, 2011

let the record show..

photo by Barbara Miller, from class Saturday on porch of the Kitschy Stitch.  Oh the colors !
• The Kitschy Stitch class in Rehoboth Beach was full of awesome, see above.  Here's knitter/designer/photo student- for-the-day Linda in her soon-to-be-released pattern Shawlus Maximus . I hope I spelled that right. And didn't over-hyphenate. Gorgeous design, right? Visit Barbara's Miller's blog to see more of her photos from Saturday.
•  next is the special full day east end of LI class, July 9th,  in the good company of Kay Gardiner of Mason Dixon Knitting. Deets & sign up here. Two spaces open. Three if you need'em.  It's worth a day trip from NY if you'd prefer not to take a whole weekend away. (jitney! they drive, you knit! win win! I'll even pick you up and take you back to the jitney depot.)
The Gaia shawl in Noro Taiyo,in full review.
yarn: Noro Taiyo sock, colorway # 2 (I think)(does it matter, they are all so....Noroluscious)
needles: us 7
yardage left over: none, zero, zippo, nada. In fact I scrounged several yards off other skeins to complete the picot bind off. Careful scrutiny reveals the color change in picotland, above.
finished size: just right
final thought: The Taiyo Sock was incredibly irritating to knit--it spun back on itself like an energized single. (and I can't say that phrase enough, it sounds so weird. Energized single.) But oh the colors and changes?  I can forgive Mr. Noro  his materials' faults for the joy of the shifting hues.

•  I'm on to another shawl, big rectangular,  with my big spool of Valley Colrain yarn. Loving the knitting but not loving working off a spool. Keeps toppling.

• Joan Tapper & I are setting up our events & booksignings in celebration of our new book!
Craft Activism, coming your way in late September. So excited.


Cathy R said...

One of these days, it will work out that I can attend one of your photo seminars.

I sure hope that you and Joan will be coming out west on your book tour!! I can't wait for it to come out.

Ellen Bloom said...

Very excited about "the Book!" Let me know when and where you'll be in SoCal and I'll try to be there too!!!

LOVE that "Gaia." I have the pattern and keep threatening to make one!

kt said...

Amen to both these comments--would love to have you come out this way for a photo's not raining right now.....

And Gaia always looks tempting when I've seen you do it. I may even frog my Noro yarn from Alaska which is languishing as a big, once-worn wonky rectangle and try my hand.

My favorite auntie was a Barbara Miller!

And stick that spool on a broomstick or a silver candlestick or a gearshift or a flagpole and make it stay still, dagnabbit!

cauchy09 said...

your shawl is so beautiful i want to scream. noro gets me every time.

and congrats on the book! i can't wait to see it.

gayle said...

Love the Gaia shawl! Nothing wrong with a multicolor picot edging - it seems right in the spirit of the shawl.
I can recommend the cone-on-a-candlestick solution. I've used a heavy glass one for a cone-holder and it made life sooooo much better.

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

Linda's shawl is gorgeous! and...I'm so excited to see that your book is almost out to the public. Have you received a copy yet? Love the cover and even love the super long title. How exciting! Yay Gale and Joan!!!

Carol said...

Will you be coming to the San Francisco area for a book signing? I will definitely attend!

livnletlrn said...

Hey, I *am* an energized single! ;-)

Are you going to Gathering of the Vibes on Fri. or Sat.? I can't choose -- love both line-ups -- so I might do both. Would love to bump into you there!

Jan said...

Oh Wow, so glad to hear your book is about to come out! Sounds like a great topic. Please oh please come to northern Ohio with it, or at least to Columbus!

Wonder what the opposite of an energized single is. That would be me, lol. Except I do spin lots of overenergetic singles.

Best wishes to you and all the lucky people who get to take your classes!

Lisa said...

I recommend putting the cone of yarn on the neck of a bigass bottle of wine - the yucky stuff that someone brought to a barbeque that you'll never drink but you'd feel guilty chucking it.

Lisa H.

twinsetellen said...

Will the book be ready when you are in Minneapolis? That would be a double helping of Awesome.