Sunday, January 02, 2011

rollover craft minutes

A gift for my niece, who requested a really warm hat with a huge pompom.  Modeled not by my niece but by Leo, who was home for break and apparently is past the stage where he cares if people see him in front of the house wearing a hat with a ridiculously large pompom.
pattern: A Really Warm Hat from Melissa LaBarre (conveniently named, no?)
yarn: Araucania Coliumo (wool/silk blend) in gold-ish,  and a strand of thin fuzzy brown mohair (ballband long gone) carried along for fun
needles: size 13 us
comments: It's knit longer than the pattern, both for style, and for my niece's big head with major hair.
With the right attitude, it seems this could be a dude hat. I have to confess I kind of wanted to keep this one. But I might have trimmed the pompom down

An attempted Leaf  scarf for sister Marla, who would have liked it if it had come out as I imagined, and not like this.  Again Araucania Coliumo, which is somehow too silky-shiney and maybe too soft, to create well defined leaves. Or, maybe I should have seen it through, and blocked it, but we'll never know, will we?  Ripped, to become
needles: size 13 us
Comments: This yarns is much bulkier than Mandy's original,  I worked out the gauge & stitch count for a 23 " circumference.  Only a zig-zag-zi before the picot bindoff. I was nervous about running out of my single skein of yarn but had plenty left . It could easily have been a zigzagzigzag sort of deal.
No worries, it was plenty tall.
Excuse the wretched photo, it was freeeeezing out
Don't you love the picot edge at this weight of yarn? Funny story: I mailed it all gift wrapped up. I didn't exactly say what it was, only that it should be handwashed. Marla wears the handmades with appreciation & enthusiasm. She put it on her head as a kind of open topped hat thing, and wore it like this all day
(phonecam evidence ) until dinner, when her family  questioned whether it might not belong elsewhere on her body, and she called me laughing so hard she couldn't talk. 
I said, yeah, it was a winter tube top. You GO girl.
My bookgroup long ago declared December a no book potluck dinner  & craft night. We choose a simple project every year, this one was decorating notebooks. I walked in and announced I was too frazzled to even think about collage, I was going to just eat & knit, to relax.
 20 seconds later I'd grabbed a red notebook, sloshing gesso onto it. Some years less is more, and some years, more is more....
Oh come on, Einstein and a smoking troll and I think Hindi numbers tissue paper? Irresistible.
Someone commented on how...lively.. my front cover was. I had to do the back, with restraint. In this light I see it can use a final even coat of gesso,it doesn't show as darker splotches to the naked eye.
New mittens! I've been thinking about making recycled sweater mitts for years. Literally. I had a dense, tragically felted  charcoal wool sweater in the box of hoarded selectively saved-for-upcycling woolens. When the snow started to pile up last week, I finally cut a pair of mitt shapes, using the sweater's roll edge hem as the cuffs. I blanket stitched them together, raw edges out, wrong sides together. That is it. Crazy easy. If I was a perfectionist, I'd call these protoype and make another pair, more smoothly shaped on the curves  and evenly stitched.
But I'm not, and these are making me insanely happy. Next pair may be reversibly lined with second color of felted sweater. With decorative pompoms or buttons. Maybe more is more here, too?
• • • • • • • • • •
Happy 2011, what are you making?


Bullwinkle said...

/. rummage rummage mutter rummage curse ...

Apparently I am making sweater mittens. And I'm going to be late for work.

Thank you very much.

livnletlrn said...

I'm half a sleeve away from finishing a cardigan for me and in the process of clearing out a ton of craft stuff through a barter group on Rav, so lots of new (free!) yarn in the pipeline. As if I needed more. The mind boggles with possibilities!

Mandy said...

Winter tube top! Classic. I'm making mittens and hats, naturally, working on new patterns and keeping the kids in woolens. Happy New Year!

Diane said...

Spinning and working on a long-term knit project and seriously coveting your mittens. Don't change them, I like the funkiness. Oh, and the notebook? Marvelous.

Cathy R said...

Love the Hat. Love the tube top. LOVE the mittens! Almost enough to accidentally wash a sweater or two...

And the notebook collage is really nice and colorful! Well done!

What am I working on? I spent December really working on finishing up languishing UFO's. Found myself with nothing on the needles at one point, which is good, because in January, a friend of mine and I am starting a lace knit-together and I wanted to be able to focus.

That ambition lasted until Christmas day when I unwrapped a pair of Owl mittens, or at least a kit to make them. SO cute!! I had to drive home immediately to get the proper needles so that I could cast on that afternoon.

Ellen Bloom said...

You are so creative in the New Year, Gale!!! Leo is really rockin' that hat! Your collage work is astounding!

Anonymous said...

This post is killing me 6 ways from Sunday. But especially the notebook. The Einstein and smoking troll notebook.

Happy 2011 back atcha,

Cookie said...

You've been so busy! After seeing that pom-pom, I would totally believe it was a tube top. *L*

Happy New Year!

Mary Lou said...

That is one big a$# pompom. Or is it a big arse ppom poN? I never know. But cool hat and model. And that notebook I love. Smoking troll. Hah. Am working on a couple of designs for Frog Tree then back to fixing that damn red sweater. Happy New Year Gale!

gayle said...

That is one big honkin' pom...
Loving all your projects! Especially the zigzagzi tube top.

kt said...

Oh, you is/am/are/was having WAAAY too much fun over there! It's like cool Craft-o-matic-ville in your neckothe woods!

I finally posted some jewelry I noodled with. Was just scolding myself last night for internetting instead of knitting. Working on a sweater (scary decreases ahead!) that has been glaring at me from the bookshelf lo these many months.

WV: wooties! (Is that for when you're only a little bit excited about something?)

Paula said...

I spent New Year's Eve sewing a mitten out of a felted sweater. I used a 3 piece pattern and put sewed some suede on the palm. I need driving mittens. The mitten came out a little too small, but there is more felted sweater. Now I should be able to do it better. Otherwise, there are socks (designed myself with a little help from a class) and a lace shawl on needles.

twinsetellen said...

I tell myself I don't like large gauge knitting, but apparently I lie. The cowl, in particular, tickles the heck out of me.

Maybe it could also double as a thigh warmer? Imagine one on each leg up under a skirt!