Friday, January 21, 2011

in which she shoots sheep shots, again

first morning light at Gansvoort Farm in Clermont NY
Who cares if outside more snow fell and  the landscape's on hold in a palette of white, grey and...OK-that's-about-it. Inside, I'm on deadline editing a shoot from Gansvoort Farm from October. Green grass, the first frost, the last fall leaves, and early morning sun. Take me away.
Okapi.  Pretty cool markings for an Icelandic cross mix, doncha think?
I joined Jennifer Phillips, the farmer, for daybreak chores, on her beautiful farm. It's about  a half hour north of Rhinebeck in the Hudson Valley of NY, which is how I came to be staying there with her for the weekend. I hope you enjoy a vicarious vist with her as much as I am enjoying revisiting these images. More info about Jennifer and her farm, products and farming practices  below.  BTW? The wool comforters, made from her organic wool batts,  are to die for.
Antique orchard behind her pastures.  Teeeny bit sinister, like those trees in the Wizard of Oz.
from Jennifer Phillips' listing on Eat
"Gansvoort Farm raises 100% grassfed beef and lamb in the Hudson Valley.
I rotationally graze my flock and herd on diverse, nutritious pastures. My beef cows are registered Devons, a heritage breed known to be the gold standard for grassfed meat. My sheep are Icelandic crosses—hardy, healthy, and excellent graziers. I use organic practices (no antibiotics, no hormones, organically managed pastures) but am not USDA certified organic. I am in the process of being certified by
I have lamb for sale every fall by the whole or half. Orders can be placed by phone or e-mail beginning in late summer. I usually sell out by November. My butcher says it is some of the nicest lamb he has ever seen. I sell registered Devon cattle breeding stock and grassfed beef on a limited basis. If you are interested in quarters, halves or a whole freezer beef, contact me for dates and prices.
I also have 100% wool comforters for sale made with the wool shorn from my flock each spring. These comforters make an ideal heirloom gift that will last a lifetime. Be the first person on your block to own a 100% grassfed wool comforter!"
Gansvoort Farm, Jennifer Phillips, 1830 Route 9, Germantown NY 12526. (518) 537-4668. E-mail:


krayolakris said...

Love the sheep! Thanks for sun-shiny pictures!

Cookie said...

Love! Love! Love!

Ellen Bloom said...

You are an EXPERT sheep photographer! I'll bet you never thought that would be your forte' when you started on your photographic career journey!
The sheep seem to love you and smile for you. It's a gift.

Jenn said...

echoing all the comments above - you truly capture the sheep and the people who live with them!

gayle said...

I always love your sheep pictures. (My own sheep pictures are always complicated by the fact that the sheep are trying to crawl onto my lap...)
Oh, to see grass again. *sigh*

craftivore said...

Oh my, a wool comforter sounds sooo warm. Love all the wonderful sheepies and the lovely color in the landscape pic.

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

It's so cold today, I would like a fuzzy long haired sheep to hug too. Thanks for posting!

AudKnits said...

I'm always amazed by the way you capture the sheeps' individual personalities. Wonderful!

twinsetellen said...

Wow, this was a treat during this insanely cold and snowy winter. Maybe we will see green grass again!

Tamara said...

Thanks for posting such awesome sheep pix. Great antidote to a crummy day!