Monday, December 06, 2010

my new dog is a metaphor

We're talking the Bobo factor.
A frisson of chaos . A sprinkling of energy. A sugar glazing of the unexpected . At any and every given moment.
Did I mention the whole point of that roadtrip last month was getting Bobo, the one balled American Bulldog to his new home with us ? Quite a bargain: not just a lovable gregarious  furry member of the family but also a whole circus of fleas, a case of heartworm and an enthusiasm for the lady dogs that matches only a 17 year old boy with his own species. Do you need to ask me how I know? I thought not.

So instead of showing the handcrafted gifts underway, accent on the under, way under, I'll give you a gift suggestion. The Color Scheme Bible.
For yourself , or for any knitter, or crafter  in your life. A friend hipped me to this at the library the other day; I can go on & on about why it is just exactly right. Starting with a spiral binding.
It hits the right approach to color theory and presentation for me. My problem with books showing color themes or combinations is they so often offer stripes of color, all even and glossy, then they show a decked out photographed room or outfit.  If I can't relate, like to a super-tztchotchkeed Victorian spread, then I can't get past the things to absorb the colors. Above is what most of this book is like.  A color theory.Like periwinkle gray as a neutral with accents. Or the pages below:

Simple  paint, flat and clear, with some size proportion to help the brain out.  There are also pages with equal sized full range color charts, but these examples work  for me, choosing  colors for knitting ( an Albers Cowl anyone? log cabin blanket? or colorwork mittens?)  . Or making pillows for a couch. Not that I sew much.  But after Bobo gets through testing how much sofa surfing he can get to while we're in another room, it may be ripe time to rev up the Singer.


Lisa/knitnzu said...

I love the last color set "voluptuous crimson berry"... oooooooh baby.... I thought maybe bobo came to visit, not to stay. Congrats on the new member to your family.

True story: Friend's daughter dognapped a dog from NYC. She saw a man abusing a white pittie on the sidewalk, and she had her companion drive up to the sidewalk. The guy must've turned around or something, because next thing you know, the dog's in the car and she takes off and brings him home to Maine, where he lives w/ her mother. He is Mr. Keekers. He speaks in a yugoslavian/yiddish/old babushka voice. You can see them on the couch, and hear his advice about how to attract single women (crappy video, just listen), here,

woolanthropy said...

That Bobo brought a real Florida flea circus back with him? That was very thoughtful to take the show on the road. What a character.

Mary Lou said...

I also thought Bobo was just visiting. Not busy enough over there? I have taken color theory classes, and used all sorts of tools that just weren't all that useful to me. That book looks great. May add to my wish list.

gayle said...

Love that last color scheme.
Good for you for allowing Bobo to adopt you!
(But, uh oh - my verification word is 'folly'...)

Anonymous said...

Bobo will earn his keep in modeling fees alone. The camera loves him.

Jenn said...

It's wonderful that the adoption process included "free gifts." or are the fleas, the "wait there's more!" part? As far as his energy levels, as my husband asks regularly about our kid and pets "you didn't want one that just sat in the corner, did you?"

that book is a wonderful idea. I think I know exactly to whom I want to give it!

Cathy R said...

I agree with "Anonymous" - Bobo should model red scarves.

The color book looks like a really useful reference!

craftivore said...

Bobo looks and sounds like such a character! Despite all the trouble he causes it sounds like you've fallen in love. Thanks for the link. :-)

twinsetellen said...

Your new dog is iconic, is what he is. That spot around the eye takes me back to Spanky and Our Gang. He is perfect.