Friday, November 19, 2010

1400 or so miles later...

The sum total of yarncraft completed on the road trip. 
I think we can safely say daily blogging and completed sweaters this month are out the window. When November began I hadn't planned on driving from Miami to Connecticut, or having a rather large and personable dog join the menagerie here, so, really, no complaints, the window has some fine if unexpected, views, along the road.
Bobo keeping an eye out from the motel in Georgia
 Bobo was a model backseat passenger, and those hours of togetherness let me really bond.
Obligatory posed photo of big boy, big dog and really big old tree. Brunswick GA
Leo was good company too. I was tickled to realize that Bobo the American Bulldog is a version of  Chance, from an old fave movie Homeward Bound, a 90's kidflick with Michael J Fox as the voice. I already told Bobo under no circumstances is he to take a cross country journey with an elderly golden retriever and a haughty cat.
Our theme, aside from driving hella fast, was grazing north.
In Florida, roadside citrus.In Brunswick Georgia, we got an inside scoop of favorite shrimp boats. We left town with five pounds of just caught shrimp on ice.5079_GaleZuckerRTrip1110 
Sub-theme, blue eyed bulldog mixes. I know: weird. This is QBall the shrimp dock dog.5032_GaleZuckerRTrip1110 
Further north in South Carolina, on this porch, we discovered a LOVE for boiled peanuts (edemame-ish) and in a thank-god-they-do-not-sell-these-up-north way munched on deep fried peanuts.  You eat them shell and all. Sort of like a peanut wrapped in a kettle cooked potato chip. Also, thumbs up to benne wafers. And peach cider.
See what I mean, another blue eyed fellow, Bobo romped with him outside the peanut place.
At lunch, still further north, Leo polished off the $3.89 lunch special: 2 pieces of homefried chicken, bowl of rice with gravy and peach cobbler.  (That really is $ 3.89, not missing a 1 in front.)
Spanish moss, Hipstamatic style. Psychedelic, baby!
Spanish moss, regular camera. Still kinda trippy, doncha think?
By 10 pm we were at my parents in suburban DC boiling up the shrimp, and by the next night, at home in Yankee territory.
I really do love a road trip.


JessaLu said...

Great photos - and congrats on the new addition!

Anonymous said...

Whoa - love that spanish moss! Sounds like you had a great trip.

Miss Julep said...

Yay for boiled peanuts and Spanish Moss; both staples around here. Enjoyed your travel log pictures.

Ellen Bloom said...

You certainly have a knack for photographing animals, Gale!!! Excellent dog pix.
The road food sounds yummy. Glad you had a safe an enjoyable trip!

Jenn said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip all around, and Bobo sounds like a great addition to the family.

and fresh shrimp??? YUM!

Mary Lou said...

Welcome home. Sounds like a good road trip. And here I thought you were talking about bonding with Leo, but no...

twinsetellen said...

I'm glad the trip was safe and that the food bases were well covered.

And with a name like QBall, I have to ask - how many?

gayle said...

I love your travel sagas.
She-crab soup? My brain overflows with questions...

Jan (jcoop) said...

Pickled okra. Boiled peanuts. Spanish moss, hipstamaticized or not. You're making me homesick! Great pictures of the dogs and great narrative. BTW, bonding with dog trumps fiber work everytime, imho.

craftivore said...

I looove boiled peanuts! I've had them the few times I've been to SC. Next time I'm down there I'm heading straight for a shack that sells them. Bobo is cute. I thought of you when I saw a herd of sheep in Turkey and attempted to photo them, though I didn't get too close because I didn't want to annoy the sheepdogs.

Anonymous said...

Epic! Homeward Bound was a fave movie when the kids were little. Sally Field voiced the cat, right? I get it mixed up with Milo and Otis. Also good.

Welcome Bobo!


Anonymous said...


I like your blog, and love your photography, and your association with Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne of Mason-Dixon Knitting, but I do take exception to your comment:

"Everyone else in the cafe except us was supersized. But very nice."

Did you really want to say everybody was fat, yet despite that flaw, nice ANYWAY? Really?


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Laura (and anyone else I offended),
No, that is not what I meant,I got rid of that sentence, it was just further proof that I should stick to photos instead of verbal communication.
Ironically (or maybe poetic justice), if you parsed that sentence the way I wrote it,not only did I infer that overweight diners were nice despite their girth but also saying everyone in the cafe except us was very nice. :-) .Which is how I sounded, right? Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for listening and responding to my comment about the "supersized" cafe patrons. It sounds as if it was a good road trip with good food. Loved your photos.


Natalie said...

I loved getting to take a little ride with you. Makes me long for the open rode, boiled peanuts, and a co-cola!