Wednesday, November 03, 2010

digging in

my holiday making so far:
• survey loved ones who like receiving handknits as to what they wish for
• remind them  there're no guarantees
• receive a photo of multicolored radishes at a farm stand from one sister, saying these are the colors she likes for her gift request of a granny square scarf
• rejoice that they are an interesting combination, with odd green leaves. 
• consider it a definite upgrade from her request last year of grey. 
• nothing against grey but I don't actually think of it as a color.
• radish inspired yarn put together* , some newly purchased, some here already.

* when I say put together I mean gathered, put in one bag,  or looked  at in a pile with a satisfied nod of the head
One gift sprouting. It's a start.


margene said...

We grew Easter egg radishes this year which had the most beautiful combination of reds and whites. Can't wait to see what you buy for the scarf.

Ellen Bloom said...

If time passes you by, a small set of felted granny square coasters is always a lovely gift!

daniel said...

ooh - radish colored yarn has got me inspired too!

Cookie said...


I agree. Now that I am very gray, I can see how it's not a color. :p


Mary Lou said...

I'm not doing granny squares. I don't care who asks. And my nephew on the topic of my hair said, "Silver is a very cool color."

gayle said...

I like the idea of a Radish Scarf.

twinsetellen said...

Um, gray is my favorite color. Has been since I was about 7. Green or blue will do, but they are better if they are grayed down.