Thursday, May 27, 2010

test smitten

wrestler masks in San Antonio TX
Traveling Woman is almost done. Ten rows to bindoff. How often does the name of the shawlette you're knitting so closely match your life? OK, if it was really going to match me it'd be Slightly Crazed and Forgetful Traveling Woman. Catchy, no?  
Boston, Ohio, Seattle all coming up. Ooh and maybe a stop in Squam NH.  But  I am fantasizing about having the shawl blocked and on me for Seattle in June.
at the recent workshop at Juniper Moon Farm, shooting FO's (funny Fo's I guess)
Added bene to my photo shoot in Seattle: I'll be teaching a Photographing Your FO's class on Sunday June 20th 1-3:30 at The Fiber Gallery.  Very excited this worked out.  Space limited, sign up and show me a Seattle good time. [edited 5/29, this class is full, THANKS!]
You know what you almost never hear me blabbing about? Garter stitch. Nothing against it, sort of boring, makes a nice border, etc.  But I'm test knitting a garter stitch project for the new book project with Joan Tapper and y'know what? I'm a little smitten. Maybe more than a little. Like,I can't stop.
Or, maybe it's the Noro.


Mary Lou said...

Is that all travel for the book? Great you have more workshops. I drove my sisters crazy on our trip. No, get in closer. Get down at a angle. Gale says you have to take lots of pictures to get one good one. Ohio - will you be at TNNA?

Sunflowerfairy said...

If you need a test knitter for other stuff, let me know. I work for cheap. :)

Karen said...

It's the Noro! It make anything interesting.

Ellen Bloom said...

HaHaHaHa! Love those wrestling masks!!!

Yup, it's the Noro. It never fails to make a boring project fantastic!!!

Have fun in Seattle!

woolanthropy said... works wonders for a regular stitch like garter.

BeccaH said...

I think garter stitch is like an old recipe you know you can always count on - you might not want it everyday or every week but when you do get around to doing it again, it can be so nice!

Turtle said...

hmmm, that is one shop in seattle i haven't made it to yet, would be fun! Enjoy NH, gorgeous this time of year. (and too early for the lake to developed what we used to call "squam cheese"

gayle said...

Your knitting looks like a ton of fun, whatever it is. Who could resist all that glorious color?

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

I was trying to figure out how the masks connected to knitting, wow, must need another cup of coffee.
But, now that I get the travel connection, OMG, can I have a lacy shawl for my Birthday? It's beautiful. What color did you choose? That deep red is pretty.
Between Kat Coyle and you, wanna teach me how to crochet?

Connie said...

I so want to take on of your classes. Do you ever get to the Atlanta area?

craftivore said...

Ooh the garter stitch goodness looks exciting. I love me some garter. Can't wait to see the book!

Kym said...

I'm a Big Fan of the garter stitch. Especially in gorgeous colors. So basic and dependable!

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