Thursday, May 06, 2010

in the city of angels

watts3photo 2
Whatever your house of worship,  the spirit that built these amazing towers resonates so powerfully, you can't help but feel there's some religion going on. So much passion in the metal, the tiles, the glass fragments, the curlicues in every inch of concrete.
photo 3-1photo 4
Saturday in Los Angeles, my friend & hostess with the mostest Ellen Bloom took me to the Watts Towers. If you love mosaics & outsider art and exploring the nooks and crannies of Los Angeles,  Ellen is the guide you want.
Marqueeda, tour guide at  Watts Towers
Well, possibly, you also want our inimitable Watts Towers guide Marqueeda.

and back at Ellen's place, there may have been a little proselytizing, and a conversion.

photo 5-2
Thanks Ellen !


Ellen Bloom said...

Oh Gale! It was a DELIGHT to show you some of my fave places in our City of Angels! You are the perfect enthusiastic!

The Watts Towers photos are faboo, of course! I'm so glad I could foster your new love of yarn-art...crochet! I'll bet you could crochet a small sculptural version of the Watts Towers with your new-found mad crochet skills!

maryse said...

yay crochet! and yay ellen for showing you the way. heh.

Natalie said...

Marqueeda's potrait lives up to her description by Ellen and then some. I love the towers reflected in her sunglasses. It was so great to meet you in person and take your workshop, which was fantastic.

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

Oooh so jealous, I think of the Watts towers as one of my Meccas.
Marqueeda is too cool, you gotta send her a photo though, she will love it.
One of my other spots I must visit in my lifetime is in India,
Let's get someone to fund us!

twinsetellen said...

It is dangerous to read your posts before bedtime. The color is so thrilling it makes it hard to get to sleep.

Mary Lou said...

Wow, who knew they had stuff like that in LA? I thought it was Gaudi. Great pix, as always.

gayle said...

I love your photos - you always make colors dance so beautifully.

Cristina said...

LA's made a hooker out of you!?