Thursday, July 09, 2009

my illogical absence

The words you'd rather not hear as you're leaving for a July 4th visit to the Delaware beach followed by 2 days of work in Washington and you're already 3 hours behind schedule and your 15 yo traveling companion son is feeling nauseous:
" um, WHY is the laptop no longer working?".
First stop, an hour later, the Apple Store where my Very Important laptop stayed to have a new logic board installed. Not the end of the world . I mean how whiney can I be? I have my beloved iPhone, but I still felt sort of tech-naked. We continued on our way, interrupted only by stops for the inevitable outcome of queasy teenager + large greasy sub + hours on a highway. No worries! After 18 years of parenthood this kind of effluence barely phases me.

Anyhoo, that's history now. Work shot, travel completed, laptop retrieved in good blogging order, glad to be home with Dave and the older son too.
How about some knitting ? At the beach , I finished knitting my Sage Remedy Top but was bored seaming , so its not quite a sweater.
There was some knitting with my mom, always fun. 0709famvar_067This is not some kind of whacko scarf. It's an blanket/afghan recipe she's working out. Bored of squares- this is her 3rd blankie for a grandchild leaving for college in as many years- she's using all scraps & oddballs . She's knitting long cabled strips that are 50 stitches across, with three seed stitches each edge, so the seed stitches run the length of every strip. You can't see those in this photo, sorry. She changes colors when it runs out, or when she wants to. Her plan is to sew these strips together,seed stitch edging to seed stitch edging, and knit a border around it. We layed out the 4 she's finished, it looks pretty great with the random blocks of color enlivening the whole shebang, not matching up where the color blocks switch, a lot of charm.
In other knitting news we checked out the new LYS in Rehoboth Beach, LOVE IT!
Kitschy Stitches owner Allison has a blog, wonderful yarn, great fabric and dry goods, a big porch and a generally wonderful vibe. I didn't really need anything but wanting to support her, grabbed a ball of yarn for a full size Gaia Shoulder Hug , since I enjoyed knitting my half-sized neckerchief version.
As far as the spewing 15 yo, here he is fully recovered and holding up well considering having to spend July 4th weekend with his mom and grandparents instead of friends, and having just witnessed the spectacle of his mother dancing with his 77 year old grandfather to the local reggae band at the beach bar down the street. He was a bit happier working for me in DC and hanging with an older cousin there. Hope your 4th was cheery, too!


Ellen Bloom said...

LOVE Mom's afghan idea, using up scrap yarn...brilliant.

Sounds like you had a great 4th holiday weekend. It's always good for the kids to see Mom dancing. It gives them some excellent stories to tell their friends. Did he photograph you for blackmail purposes?

Glad the laptop is back in working order!

Bullwinkle said...

I was thinking its good for kids to see Mom working ... Hey -- You were all over my neck of the woods (I happened to be in Boston at the time, but never mind that!)

Glad you had a good fourth - yay for laptop retrieval.

Carole Knits said...

I think that afghan is going to be great. Glad you had a fun weekend with family.

Vicki Knitorious said...

Why is it that the dancing parent is so hard to take? My kids are ALWAYS giving me the look when I bust out -- and it's been hard NOT to bust a move these past two weeks with all the MJ music in the air!!

Anonymous said...

Well gosh Gale, didn't know we were neighbors! So, you're one of those crazies who makes that drive over the bridge!!! More power to ya!

Finished my Casandra Sweater and posted it yesterday. It's really nice.

Cookie said...

Momma dancing is not the worst thing that boy could have seen. *L*

Love your mom's knitting!

Happy Weekend!

twinsetellen said...

By the time the offspring are in their 20's, they don't seem to mind the parental dancing so much. Glad you're back.

kat said...

I spent the 4th holiday (knitting) with my mom and family too. Sounds like our moms have similar knitting styles.

Birdsong said...

I'd be whiney too! Glad you got some consolation yarn and otherwise had a fun time. I am also glad to hear you are going for a larger Gaia! Happy Knitting.

craftivore said...

Sounds like a good weekend, with or without spew. I hope by 15 they're cleaning up themselves. Just discovered the ToyCamera app, I'm in love.