Thursday, July 02, 2009

at your requests

The winner of the notecard set, chosen by the random number thingy, is KT , of Knit with KT. Hey, KT, send me your address and they'll be on the way.
Here's an old barn for those who voted for old barns in the comments. I found it on Nanney Kennedy's Meadowcroft Farm. She said the building came with the farm , she thinks someone goofily used roof shingles on the sides and they aged in those muted colors. I liked how it looked from the moment I arrived . But then, even more because it echoed her dyeing that day:
In fact, one of the things I like about sticking my nose in artists' private lives (OK, anyone's private life, I admit it) is seeing how they surround themselves with things that reflect their art. Or seeing how their art reflects the worlds they live in.
Maine light in late September. That's Nanney, herding.

Can't close without a sheep shot, for those who commented in favor of seeing more of the ladies....tell me she's not smiling. Just a little smirk for the camera.
If this one looks familiar, she's turned her head on my Ravatar.


Bullwinkle said...

Oh, she definitely looks like she's smirking on your ravator shot!

Its amazing how all the colors work together.

Turtle said...

gorgeous pics...and congrats KT!!!

Birdsong said...

Of course I want to see sheep shots! I love that glorious yarn too though, and the barns, in fact almost all things outdoors. I am grateful that you peek into artists' lives on our behalf.

craftivore said...

She is smiling for sure! Your photos are always a treat for those of us who like to stick our nose in your life. :-)

Barbara Jacksier said...


You won the free copy of Waterside Cottage. Please e-mail me at and let me know where to send the book.

gayle said...

I always love your pics, but the sheep are my favorites.
And that girl is deinitely smirking...

twinsetellen said...

I love the sheep, but this time the yarn grabbed me. Beautiful.