Wednesday, May 27, 2009

off on tangents

Still knitting the grey mohair Airy Cardigan, it won't appear significantly different to you even though the body is done, so I'll skip a photo, and decorate this post with images from the high school I was shooting in Miami last week as part of a US Dept of Ed gig.
It's an arts & design urban public magnet school , the students are uber talented. It was inspiring, at times awe inspiring.
I love when the system works, don't you?
The Airy Cardigan is a pleasure to work on, a quick knit . Or would be if I put in more knitting time. I have some concerns about how it'll all go together. Now that I've got sleeve edges going, it won't be much longer till I find out.
Maybe the slowness is OK, I'm dithering over sweater # 6. Considering the Sage Remedy top, (Rav link there). It reminds me of an old favorite go-to, the Mexican blouse. In any photo from 1972-1980-ish you might find me wearing one. I used to save up babysitting money to buy them at a pharmacy that oddly had an aisle of hippie clothes. Hey, look they are still in business as a gift store, no more prescription counter & Vap-O-Rub near the patchouli incense and dashikis, I guess. (also, probably no more patchouli incense and dashikis. really, enough).

Ok going way off on a tangent but gotta love the web, clicking on that Parkleigh link , I learned my old playmate and neighbor is a
star in the glass art world, and they sell her work. Now I want to get one of these small pieces from Gong Glass Works.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
But back to the Sage Remedy top, I'm thinking it'd be a fun knit, no sleeves and feather and fan- really who doesn't love a little f & f? Maybe in a cotton,one that isn't too dry on the hands. Or cotton/wool or cotton/bamboo? Suggestions? Definitely without the band along the hips , so not into creating a pouf in a naturally poofed body part, if you know what I mean. All this indecision! I need to get moving it I want to stay on my sweater-a-month schedule. Not that I'm committed to it or anything.


Ellen Bloom said...

Once again, GREAT PHOTOS, Gale!

I do like the Sage Remedy Top, but be careful not to make the bottom part toooooo billowy...we wouldn't want it to look like a maternity top!

I think any type of medium-weight cotton would look good. Personally, I really like good ol' LionBrand CottonEase. It's got a bit of acrylic in it for drape and easy care.

Another thought: You could do a bit of embroidery or crochet detail at the neck edge to resemble those cute Mexican tops you used to wear!
What color are you thinking of knitting?

Bullwinkle said...

Wow. Cool School. Gives me a little faith in the future ;) Thanks for that!

Mary Lou said...

I wonder if I still have the sewing pattern with embroidery transfers that I used to make and embroider my own 'peasant blouses'-- I haven't thought of them in a while, but there are certainly pictures of me in them somewhere. Great photos of the school. Re. the Sage Remedy, a cotton blend will be lighter, droop less, and be easier on the hands. I do like Cotton Ease, but wonder if it's too thin - All Seasons Cotton is great stuff, but a tad pricey, since it's Rowan.

craftivore said...

I love the artistic energy that can be felt through those photos of the highschool. I've been eyeballing the Sage Remedy top too. The way it billows is a bit worrisome. To counter act that I would keep it short and not do ribbing at the bottom, maybe a simple roll edge or something else that will lay flat.

Diane said...

Wow, I can't believe high school kids did all that artwork, they're really talented.

And so are you, great photos.