Tuesday, May 05, 2009

double take

Here I am, in your basic hotel chain room near a small town where I'm working tomorrow, on the Pennsylvania/western MD border, and I figured I could show you what I've been knitting.
Huh??The curtains match my Noro Silk Garden sock yarn, S245 . Room decor by Noro?! Too crazy.
This is a small version of the Gaia Shoulder Hug Shawl, aiming for a neckerchief/scarf size I can wrap bandit style (point in front).
It's probably plenty large enough but I keep going because, you know, that next color is always just ahead .
This was a spur of the moment cast on, I was telling Miz Woolybuns how little seaglass pieces with single holes would look so great on the edge of a small neck scarf, and she said the best way to inspire people was to wear an example yourself. Which seemed like an excellent suggestion,since I'm going to be helping at her booth at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival on Saturday, and will have my seaglass buttons and notecards with me for sale .
Of course, the set of multicolored pieces I planned to use on this sold, so I'll need to drill new ones.

(Truth: I brought the drill and glass with me,figuring I could make some while killing the night in the hotel, but when the film crew guys I'm working with tomorrow checked into the rooms on either side of me, I realized I'd feel weird in the morning chatting over breakfast if they heard a humming vibrating noise for a few hours this evening coming from my room, if you know what I mean."oh, guys, if you heard a noise, that was just me and my dremel..."Right.)
Spring finally sprung in my front yard. I don't know where this tulip came from in the lilies, but I like it.


Ellen Bloom said...

Hahaha! Once again, you've cracked me up, Gale. Dremel drill...yeah, right.

LOVE the shoulder hug, the colors are amazing, but then you know how I feel about Mr. Noro!

Have fun at the Festival!

Carole Knits said...

The photo is so lush! I think you so should have gone and drilled all night. Heh.

Cathy R said...

"Just me and my Dremel".

OMG. Too funny!!

I can't wait to see your scarf - I may be forced to "borrow" your idea for another project I'm wanting to start.

Good thing I know someone who makes sea glass buttons...

Mary Lou said...

A dremel, so that's what it's called... I may have to get some of that noro sock. I didn't like it for socks, but nice as neckwear.

gayle said...

Beautiful scarf/shawl. How will you attach the glass drops?
Dremel. Heh.
See you Saturday!

Chris said...

You and your dremel - hahahaha. You'll fit into my booth just fine.

craftivore said...

Oh lordy, you kill me with your colors. I'll look for you at the Woolbuns booth, I should be at NHS&W on Sunday.

Mia said...

You should have used the drill anyway. I wonder if they would have been brave enough to mention it?

You were up in m y neck of the woods. I love the shot of the tulip among the lilies with the raindrops.