Saturday, February 07, 2009


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It's International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.
History here.
1) eat ice cream
2) for breakfast
3) on the first Saturday in February.

I've got my espresso chip and my whipped cream. Perhaps adding a banana. Are you ready?
This from an earlier year. Dig in. You can work it off later with some vigorous seed stitch.
I know Ellen and Natalie are prepared. Seriously, gelato con brioche? what a concept!


Ellen Bloom said...

While reading my blogs this morning, I'm slurping down some chocolate chip ice-cream with cornflakes sprinkled on top. A lovely idea. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

btw, a gentle correction...woolanthropy is "Natalie", not Shelley.

Carole Knits said...

Too late. I already had cake for breakfast.

Natalie said...

We are about to embark on our morning ice cream odyssey. This is the best morning.

Cookie said...

Sadly, I have no ice cream. Breakfast will be leftover pasta from last night.

Baby Beth said...

Crap! I knew I should've done my blog reading BEFORE breakfast. I had oatmeal with honey and bananas...and while I love it, I would have loved an excuse to have yummy chocolate soy ice cream for breakfast instead.

Anonymous said...

Got this post too late for breakfast. I'll just have to celebrate tomorrow! Great shot of the ice cream shop in Mystic - one of my favorites!

Mary Lou said...

Aw maaan - i missed it. I'd better put it on my calendar for next year. I ate so much when we went out last night that I am only now starting to feel hungry. There was a dessert platter involved, that's all I'll say.

margene said...

I wish I'd known! I would have joined in!

Turtle said...

Flashbacks! Man you are making me homesick. I was good friends with the gentleman who owned that ice cream shop. i worked directly across the street at the natural foods market Puritan & Genesta (as well as at the museum) No ice cream here, waiting for the internet man to come out...if he actually does. I grabbed a slice of cold pizza while running out the door to work this morning. Thanks for posting the pics you have been, seriously making me miss home though! (well, it was home for 7 years, I met hubby there)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!! Too bad I just read this post! maybe tomorrow!

DonnaW said...

And I had apple and Wheat Thins. If I had known....I will mark it on the calendar for next year.